Compare Alexa Devices: Amazon Echo Vs. Dot & Tap

Gadgets are always at the top of LalyDad's wish list so it has been interesting learning all about the new Alexa Devices, like the Amazon Echo, the Amazon Dot and the Amazon Tap. Today I'll give a quick run down of them and talk about best prices too. Affiliate links are used in this post for easy shopping.

What is Alexa What is the Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot and Amazon Tap Compare and see best prices!

Earlier this year LalyDad decided to try out the new-at-the-time gadget from Amazon, called the Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo is Amazon's nifty voice-activated, counter-top speaker that does tons of different things for you without lifting a finger using a cool program called Alexa.

At first it seemed like just another gadget to me but Alexa has really enriched our lives! Whereas a tablet provides people with individual media time, our Alexa enabled devices have brought us together more.

We have our Echo placed in the main room of our house, so when it is on we are all hanging out together. We listen to books, music and jokes together instead of apart. It has become handy in so many ways. We really do love it!

What is Alexa?

SO! If you've heard people giving Siri-like commands to someone named Alexa recently and wondered, “What is Alexa?” well here you go! Alexa Voice Service is the program from Amazon that hears your commands and executes them via one of their devices.

Alexa enabled devices, so far, are the Amazon Echo, the Amazon Dot and the Amazon Tap.

The Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot both plug into an electrical outlet and connect to the internet over wi-fi. The Amazon Tap is portable and needs to plug in to charge and otherwise connect over wi-fi or mobile hotspot. They are also bluetooth compatible.

All of them are managed via the Alexa App which you can set up on most smartphones, tablet or a wi-fi enabled desktop computer. In other words you do not NEED a smartphone or tablet, but it is handier to set it up using a mobile device. You DO need wi-fi.

The thing about the Echo and the Dot is that they are sitting there waiting for their Wake Word. Alexa. When you say Alexa, the device listens to your next sentence and carries out that command. You can be across the room, sitting on the couch, or on your way out the door or in the middle of a recipe. The Amazon Tap has Alexa Voice Services as well but you need to touch the button on it to wake it first.

Note: If you have an Alexa in your family you can change the Wake word to Echo. I have an Aunt named Alexa so this was good to know!

What Can Alexa Do?

Alexa can do THOUSANDS of things. Really. They seriously seem to add more things every day. Everyone thinks about music first. Alexa can play music from Amazon Music, Pandora, I heart radio, Spotify and more. The most common music commands in our house are Alexa play Kidz Bop Kids, Play the Hamilton Soundtrack and Play Yo-Yo Ma.

It can tell your kids knock knock jokes, research whatever topic they're asking you about, play instant dance party music, set a timer for you, add items to your to-do list, tell you the weather, tell you about traffic and hours of the store you need to go to.

(Funny story: the Alexa app keeps a running list of the commands you ask, so LalyDad can see how many jokes Alexa has told our kids each day. It's a lot.)

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It can read audible audio books, read the news, order supplies when you notice you're running low, make a shopping list for you or order a pizza when you forgot to go shopping. If you want to catch a movie you can ask Alexa for movie times.

It can order you an Uber ride, it can adjust the temp or lights if you have a smart system set up with products like Phillips Hue, Ecobee or Nest. (See Alexa Smart Home Compatible Systems here).  You can play Jeopardy, talk you through a workout, find recipes, check the score of the big game or help you meditate.

Phew! And that is just to name a FEW! You can browse and search Alexa Skills and Abilities here.

“But which Alexa Device is Best,” You ask? It really depends on your needs. 

Comparing Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot and Amazon Tap

What is Alexa and Which Alexa Device is Best? Compare the Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot and Amazon Tap with best prices.

Amazon Echo

So the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00X4WHP5E” locale=”US” tag=”lalymom-20″]Amazon Echo[/easyazon_link] is the flagship Alexa Device. It is a 9.3 inch tall cylinder with a 3.3 inch diameter. It houses a large, capable speaker system (a woofer and tweeter) that can fill a large space with music or whatever you are playing. We use ours in our open floor plan main floor, and we can hear it upstairs a bit if we want to. But if we just want to hear it in the kitchen we tell Alexa to turn it down.

The Echo does not have an audio output however, so you cannot hook it up to your existing sound system. It does have bluetooth capabilities.

The speaker provides great sound quality and we listen to music a lot more because we have it available so easily. It is also handy when we are about to head out to door, we can ask for the forecast to see if we need sunglasses, an umbrella or snow boots!

BOTTOM LINE: The Amazon Echo is for use in a larger space, for someone who wants Alexa's best sound quality. Echos are usually $179 for almost every day of the year, except around the holidays when it has been down to $139.

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Amazon Dot

The [easyazon_link identifier=”B01DFKC2SO” locale=”US” tag=”lalymom-20″]Amazon Dot[/easyazon_link] is a much smaller version of the Echo. At 1.3 inches tall and a diameter of 3.3 inches, it is smaller than the average alarm clock. Come to think of it- that's another thing it can do for you! It does all the same handy things as the Echo but if you have a smaller space like a bedroom or office, and you don't need the big full sound of a speaker system, this saves you a chunk of change. It can also be hooked up to your existing stereo since it has an audio output or paired with that awesome bluetooth speaker you got last Christmas.

It is more discreet than the Echo, if you don't want a giant black cylinder speaker in your gorgeous room. You can add a colored cover or some really creative third party covers as well so it blends in with your decor, if you wish. Check out Amazon Dot Covers.

BOTTOM LINE: The Amazon Dot is best used in a smaller space or when top notch sound quality is less important than the budget. Also perfect if you already have awesome headphones or a solid Bluetooth Speaker and you want to pair it with Alexa's awesome powers. Dots are usually $49.99 for almost every day of the year, but have been down to $39.99 for the holidays.

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Amazon Tap

The [easyazon_link identifier=”B01BH83OOM” locale=”US” tag=”lalymom-20″]Amazon Tap[/easyazon_link] is the portable version of the Echo. It's smaller at 6.5 inches tall with a 2.6 inch diameter, and has [easyazon_link identifier=”B01B8MGASE” locale=”US” tag=”lalymom-20″]carrying cases[/easyazon_link] available to take it with you. It is NOT always listening, however and you need to push the Tap button before giving it commands, even when it is plugged in. It averages a 9 hour battery life and comes with a charging cradle. It does have duel Dolby speakers inside for robust, crisp sound.

BOTTOM LINE: The Amazon Tap is best use when you need to take Alexa on the go. It also pairs with bluetooth or corded speakers and headphones. Tap has been $129 for most of the time it has been on sale but occasionally dips down to $99.99 but has been down to $89.99 for the holidays.

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Would you pick the Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, Amazon Tap or a combination of several?!

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