Kids Afraid of Fireworks? Try This!

 I had this idea last 4th of July when I realized my daughter is afraid of fireworks. I thought I'd share what we tried in case it helps anyone else!

My three year old has always been bothered by loud noises. This has made having a baby brother quite interesting…but that's another post! The 4th of July started early for us, thanks to some
teenage neighbors. We've had quite a few tears due to the window-shaking bombshells going off in our back alley.
We have tried a couple different tactics to help our daughter cope. Here are two that we tried and one that was suggested by a friend.

Afraid of Fireworks? Focus on the Noise.

First we talked about quiet versus loud- “Can you think of something quiet? How about something loud?” Then we practiced making the loud noises of the things she named, like fire truck sirens, rooster crows and dinosaur roars.

I asked her what was the loudest noise she could think of and she said a dinosaur roar. I asked her to do the loudest roar she could. It turns out this is not very loud at all, but very cute (maybe your kid is better at being loud though?).

When she did her loudest roar, I jumped back and acted goofy-scared. She giggled. I said, “Next time we hear a loud firecracker why don't we scare it back with our LOUDEST dinosaur roar!!!”

The next window-shaker went off and she looked at me with a worried face. I looked back at her as if I was going to laugh and gave my (sorta) biggest roar…she joined me…and most importantly, she didn't cry!

We practiced inside the house for a while any time we heard a firecracker. Then we went to the door with an open window and practiced there. Then we went outside and she kept on roaring!

For us, the parent participation is key so keep that in mind if it doesn't work right away for you! I had to go in to put baby brother to bed and Daddy was busy grilling. Eventually without one of us participating with her, she did get scared and cry from one.

Then it was dinner time. (Yep, those teenagers sure like their daytime fireworks!)

Afraid of Fireworks? Focus on the Jump.

If your child jumps, like anyone would, when they hear a loud firecracker go off…turn it into a game!

There is a Yo Gabba Gabba song called, “Jumpy Jump Jump Jump Jump” and the episode with this song is the only episode we've ever seen of this show.

But this song gets stuck in your head! If you haven't seen this you can talk about animals or insects that jump. Either way when you hear a firecracker and it makes you jump, keep jumping! You can sing the song if you know it or say the noise of the animal and jump around.

Fireworks Too Loud, Still?

After I wrote up this post a friend told me she has her daughter wear her sound cancelling headphones. They also make Hearing Protection Earmuffs for Kids, which obviously don't have the headphone wire attached. So THAT would make total sense.

Give one of these tips a try! If it doesn't work…well…you're probably at the same place you were before you tried! If you have any other tactics or if this DOES help you, I'd love to hear about it in the comments! Either way, good luck and happy, safe 4th of July!!

I hope you enjoy this easy 4th of July tip! Might as well pin a picture to remember or share with anyone who might find it helpful! Please follow along over on our facebook and pinterest pages, we'd love to see you again!

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    • says

      Thanks! We had a fun night roaring at fireworks…until our neighbors set off a super loud one right next to our fence! Such is life, she lasted a lot longer than I expected before we started the roaring! 🙂 Also, I have to ask, you’ve been so kind as to comment previously but I cannot place your name…do I know you? Friend, family, a familiar blogger? Either way thank you so much! 🙂 Happy 4th!

    • says

      Thanks for the comment! Ladybug had fun jumping too! For her the sound was her big concern so I think that was her favorite, but we’re keeping both tricks in our pocket! We’ve used the roaring in other instances when she’s been upset by loud noises and it has helped a lot. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Grammy says

    Great idea that worked for me was to teach your child to predict the loud boom. In the colorful fireworks, look for the bright white light. If the is a light, there is a boom. The bigger the light, the louder the boom.

  2. Stephanie says

    I found your blog through Pinterest! And this is a great idea! My son just turned 2 so I can’t really get him to participate in naming bugs and such but he can (cutely, not loudly) roar and I think he would love it! Also the jumping back part… that will be his favorite! I think he will really enjoy them now! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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