Last-Minute Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

Do you host a Halloween Party? Do trick-or-treaters come to your house? Or maybe you just remembered Halloween is coming and you want something a little spooky around the house?! Well today I have a great list of more that 20 Last-minute easy DIY Halloween Decorations ideas for inside and outside of your home!

Front Porch Spiderweb - 20+ Easy DIY Halloween Decorations on - Cute ideas!

I'm generally NOT a huge holiday decorator, but I get an occasional burst of motivation. Over the past few years I thought up a few super simple DIY Halloween ideas and finally I am getting them all in one place, along with some other super fun, super easy ideas I've found around the web! I am including some affiliate links in here, which means if you happen to click through and buy anything on those links my site gets a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Front Porch Spiderweb

I put this bad boy up on our front porch swing the past few years and once you get it cut to fit your location you can put it up pretty quickly year after year. If you want to make one, all you need is clothesline, scissors and a super huge fake spider.  We got our spider at Target several years ago, but this posable 50 inch spider would probably to do trick! A step stool will probably come in handy.

Once you decide where you want to put your spiderweb, survey the area for your spiderweb support structure. Since I didn't have anything at the top center of my swing, I started by tying a length of clothesline horizontally across the top of the swing, and one horizontally across the center. You may need a bottom one as well depending on where you are putting yours. Once you've got your horizontal lines tied, tie a length of clothesline vertically at the center, knotting at the top, looping it around the center line to secure it and then knotting it at the bottom. Next tie two lengths of clothesline in an X pattern the same way, looping each one around the center.

Now that the “spokes” of the web are done, you can start spinning. Tie the end of the remaining clothesline to the center of your web, then pick one “spoke” and tie it about 6 inches away from the center as a starting point. Keep the long length of clothesline all bundled up in your hand as you go and each time you get to a spoke, loop it in a single knot so it doesn't slide around as you proceed. Keep going in a concentric circle until you are happy and then tie off the end and trim the remaining clothesline. Add your spider and you are done!

Ghost Silhouette Night Light

Ghost Night Light - 20+ Easy DIY Halloween Decorations on - So quick and easy, perfect last minute ideas!

I might go so far as to call this a “Halloween Hack” but I know people get twitchy when you use that word if it doesn't fit their definition…. so we will stick with super simple Halloween Decorations for this awesome Ghost Silhouette Night Light.

We have one of these Prism Style Always On LED Night Lights in one of our bathrooms and I oddly love it. One night I noticed that it looked just like a ghost and wondered if I could make it cast a ghost silhouette on the wall. All it took was some tiny snips of electrical tape and voila, Spooky ghost night light! I have no idea if this would work with other styles of night light, but I saw this one that looks the identical to ours… the description on Amazon says it changes color but the company's website does not mention that at all. That was probably way more than you needed to know about LED Always On Night Lights, but I'm sure you're JUST as excited about this Super Simple Halloween Decoration Idea as I am, RIGHT?!

In case you were wondering, the four year old LOOOOVES it. She makes up excuses to use that bathroom just to go see him. Did I say “him?” Eh…I guess it's a dude ghost.

Halloween Hack Ghost Night Light - 20+ Easy Ways to Decorate the House for Halloween on - This is so simple, anyone can do it!


Plastic Bag Ghosts

Plastic Bag Ghosts - 20 Super Simple DIY Halloween Decorations on

I first made these super easy, totally free, recycled plastic bag ghosts last Halloween when I made my daughter an indoor Halloween Obstacle Course. (We used our giant spider for that too!) This year when my daughter asked me if we could make some Halloween decorations, I thought, “Hey we could totally decorate with those ghosts!”  Now, word of warning, it IS a plastic grocery bag, so if you have babies in the house please be very cautious of leaving these around the house, even taped somewhere high. But if you want to make them it is SUPER simple! All you need is plastic grocery bags, sharpie markers and scissors. Tape too if you want to hang them up!

making plastic bag ghosts on

Cut your plastic bags up the side seam and around to create a ghost-like shape and draw on various faces. Tape somewhere. DONE! Last yer I drew the faces but this year my four year old daughter did. It was pretty fun to see what she drew- one was surprised, one was hairy, one was happy and one was lovely. I forget the other two. Made me think of the seven dwarves, haha. She made 6 and she chose where we hung each one. She's very proud that she decorated our house for Halloween!

Plastic bag ghosts - 20 last minute, super simple ways to decorate for Halloween on

Sticky Window Ghosts

Contact Paper Ghosts - 20 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations on

Okay it's official, we are on a ghost kick at our house! Ha! This was another activity that I did with the kids, so it looks kooky but I could see an adult making them and looking pretty cool! I bet if you ran some contact paper through a silhouette cutting machine (drool, nom nom!) you could make some super fun Halloween decoration in no time flat! For more details on how we make them, check out the Halloween Contact Paper Ghosts post.

So those are some of the super quick and easy DIY Halloween Decorations we've done, but I'm not the only one who wanted something quick, easy and cute around this spooky holiday! Come check out what I found on some of my favorite blogs!

More Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

20+ Easy, Last- Minute Halloween Decorations on - Great for around the house or for a party!

Links are in order of appearance in the collages. Click on through for the the quick and easy tutorials!

Halloween Footprint Bunting from Mama Papa Bubba
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Ghost Night Light from Lalymom (above)
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Mummy Door by East Coast Mommy
Easy Kid Made Spider Pumpkin by Buggy and Buddy
Hanging Bat Decorations by Buggy and Buddy
Ghost and Bat Halloween Bunting from Zing Zing Tree
Halloween Wreath from an Old T-Shirt from Zing Zing Tree

List of 20+ Easy Last Minute DIY Halloween Decorations on - how fun!

Easy Paper Fan Halloween Decorations from Our Little House in the Country
Front Porch Spiderweb from Lalymom (above)
Sticky Monster Window from Two-Daloo
DIY Halloween Window Clings from I Heart Arts & Crafts
Plastic Bag Ghosts from Lalymom (above)
Easy Ghost Wreath from My Nearest and Dearest
Easy Pumpkin Window from How Wee Learn
Easy Window Ghosts from Lalymom (above)
Halloween Rocks from Happy Hooligans
Spiderweb Geoboard Pumpkin from Danya Banya
Milk Jug Ghost from East Coast Mommy
Life Size Skeleton from Fun at Home with Kids

What are your go-to, tried and true Halloween decoration ideas? I'd love to hear about them in the comments! And if you liked this post, please do use the old Pin it Button to share it! Thanks!

Looking for even MORE Halloween Inspiration? Here are some fun kids activities  that we have done, and for EVEN more ideas you have to check out my Halloween Pinterest Board!


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