Last Minute Fireworks Wand

Pouch Cap Crafts for Kids - Last Minute Fireworks Wand from Lalymom
I'm SO excited right now! Number one: I just sent off my very first guest post on a fantastic blog called Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails. It is a fabulous blog that inspires a lot of fun at our house. Number two: My guest post is all about pouch cap crafts and activities. I have to say…I'm a little obsessed with these colorful plastic screw tops lately. With a 3 year old and a 9 month old, we go through some serious apple sauce and baby food. We make some of our own but we do buy some as well, and many brands come in these pouches nowadays. They are so colorful I find

It started with our Bug Buddies. These have been played with so much at our house and they all have names and personalities all their own now. When Jaime mentioned she was looking for guest posts for her 10 Things Kids Love Series, I thought it would be fun to come up with more ways to play with them but I never thought I'd get to 10.  By the way…there are just a ridiculous number of things you can do with these little guys and I'm not the first to try to use them in new ways. Pinterest is full of great ideas. I have a list- on top of the 10 things in my guest post- of more to do!

These pictures are from the Comet Wand that I included in my guest post, but the process is the same. These milkshake straws that I'm using are from the seasonal aisle at Mariano's…they're thicker than normal drinking straws but you could also try extra thick pencils, dowel rods or maybe tinker toys? Please leave any other suggestions in the comments!


-A red pouch cap
-Red and blue cellophane sheets or construction paper (cut up newspaper or shopping bags would work too!)
-“Milkshake straws” (we found them in the seasonal aisle at Mariano's with the summer BBQ stuff)
-Hot Glue and Glue Gun (optional-ish)

Cut the cellophane into thin strips with scissors or maybe run it through a shredder. (Note: shred at your own risk, our shredder cross cuts so I would not get the long strands…I am assuming since our shredder handles envelopes with cellophane windows that this would be fine but I did not try it!)

Stack 10-15 of the cellophane shreds in a stack with the ends lined up. Splay them apart a little bit like a fan and fold them over the top of the straw at the point where they are all still stacked.  Test to see that your straw fits…you may need to wiggle it or pinch it lightly. If it still doesn't fit remove some of the cellophane (you could always tie more on the cap once you're done).

If you’re going to hot glue them, take the straw and cellophane back out keeping the cellophane folded over the straw, pour some hot glue into the cap while it is sitting with the screw hole facing up. Carefully insert the cellophane-covered straw into the cap, watching that your fingers don’t come into contact with the hot glue. Let it dry and there you go!

Happy 4th of July!

Please come back and check out our 10 Things Guest Post over at FSPDT and take a look at more of our pouch cap creations as we post them! I hope you enjoy this easy 4th of July craft! Might as well pin a picture to remember! Please follow along over on our facebook and pinterest pages, we'd love to see you again!


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