Moo, Quack, Baa! An Animal Sounds Obstacle Course

A couple months ago we set up a super fun High Five Obstacle course during our Red Week and ever since then Ladybug and I have had a lot of fun making up other types of obstacle courses.

This time I asked her to find all of her animals that made a sound (the toy didn't have to make a sound, just the animal it represented). She searched for and chose all the animals and we set them up in our cruise route. Then we went to the starting line and I ran it once to show her what to do: Every time you jump over an animal you have to say the sound it makes! We had a lot of fun with this, she giggled a lot as we tried to do it faster and faster. Then the lamb and Minnie Mouse got bumped together so instead of separate noises, we had one jump where we said “Baa Squeak!”

I think this could be a lot of fun for a playdate or an animal/farm themed birthday party…in fact I am keeping it in mind for Little Big Man's first birthday in the fall!

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