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Fitbit Activity + Sleep Trackers + Wifi Smart Scale

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Free Printables

Printable ABC Letter Cards from Lalymom - Three different print options means you can make flashcards, memory match cards and magic reveal cards!

All subscribers to my weekly newsletter receive three sets of printable ABC cards. You will have access to ABC Memory Match cards, ABC Flashcards or ABC Magic Reveal Cards to use on a light table! Enter your email address below and confirm your subscription to receive your printables! For more about how to use the printables, see the original Printable ABC Cards Post.


Printable Roll-a-Year New Year's Eve Activity and other printable games on

Roll-a-Year Printable New Year’s Eve Game. Download your 2016 Roll a Year Pack and print the pages you want to use.  See how to use this and the other activities on the New Year’s Eve Activities post. This will be updated soon for 2017!!


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