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20 Fun Math Activities Using Craft Sticks

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We love fun math activities for kids around here, especially if they're done using simple math manipulatives. These craft stick math activities definitely fit the bill for being simple and fun. I added a couple easy shopping affiliate links in this post, FYI.

20 AWESOME Craft Stick Math Ideas! Fun Math Activities for kids using DIY Math Manipulatives. Covers counting, patterns, shapes, math facts and more!

Oh how I heart “popsicle sticks” as we always called them. Hehehe, I still have fond childhood memories of sitting around the kitchen table with a big box of craft sticks, building for hours, always applying too much glue. My kids are not quite at the “free access to glue” stage yet but we do love using craft sticks for all sorts of fun at our house!

The craft stick market has really expanded since my glue-drenched jewelry box days. They come in all sorts of sizes and colors these days:

Classic Big Ole' Box of Crafts Sticks

Colored Craft Sticks

Jumbo Craft Sticks

Wavy Craft Sticks

Slotted Skill Sticks

Mini Craft Sticks

Mini Colored Craft Sticks

With so many options, the possibilities for fun and creativity are endless! But I bet you want to see how to use them for math?! Okay, here we go!

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Fun Math Activities Using Craft Sticks

20 Awesome DIY Craft Stick Math Manipulatives. So many fun math activities for kids!

Click through each link for full details. Pictured above, starting at the top, left to right:

Work on basic counting skills with Counting Craft Stick Puzzles.

Practice your addition with some Awesome Math Puzzlers.

Another simple way to practice math facts is to make some Math Dominoes.

Practice geometry with these Velcro Dot Sticks.

Lining Up Colored Crafts Sticks is a great, open ended way to touch on several math skills.

These awesome Craft Stick Magnets can be used for math and other subjects!

Get the wiggles out while you count with a clever Craft Stick Movement Game.

Count to 20 while using those fine motor skills with a Counting Craft Sticks Hedgehog. Adorable!

Learn all about tallying with this Tally Marks Craft Sticks Busy Bag.

You can also use the sticks themselves as the tally marks, like in this Craft Sticks Tally Tray!

Tie math to a classic kids' book with some Seuss Sticks, which can be used as dominoes and for math practice.

Explore patterns and art at the same time with some Mondrian Pattern Sticks.

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20 Awesome Craft Stick Math Ideas on Lalymom.com

In this collage, starting at the top, left to right: 

Play a fun Number Pocket Game.

Use those fine motor skills while learning about patterns with some Painted Pattern Matching Sticks.

Practice basic math skills with a Craft Stick Abacus.

Set up a counting flower shop with some Flower Counting Sticks.

Make a fun Craft Stick Math Game.

Explore Math and Art with Snowflake Symmetry.

Create a Fun Home Math Kit for beginning learners.

Apply some advanced math and science to make some awesome Craft Stick Chain Reactions!

20 Fun Math Activities for kids using crafts sticks

Math Made Fun!

Fun Math Activities for Kids Using DIY Math Manipulatives with Everyday Materials

Hop on over to School Time Snippets' Math Made Fun Series page for even more fun math activities the kids can try. You'll see oodles of fun DIY Math Manipulatives Ideas! You'll find ideas for dice, erasers, blocks, felt, beads, seashells, buttons, muffin tins, coins and LOTS more!

For even more awesome math and science activities, check out my eBook!

Fizz, Pop, Bang! 40 AWESOME Science and Math Activities for Kids! on Lalymom.com - 20 printables are included!

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