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Bug Finger Puppets Spring Crafts for Kids

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Today I would like to share some simple Spring Crafts for Kids that that can add a fun element of pretend play to your back yard!
Spring Crafts for Kids Bug Finger Puppets from Lalymom

We are getting ready for a birthday party around here and I happen to have ladybug's on the brain. (As you might be able to tell from my Kids Party Pinterest Board!) I don't know what made me think to make this little red babyfood pouch cap into a ladybug, but I did and it sparked a lot of fun at our house. If you would like to make your own all you need are pipe cleaners (or chenille stems) and sharpie markers. I trimmed the pipe cleaners as I went. All you do is wrap the pipe cleaners around the spokes of the pouch caps and draw on the faces! Talk about an easy spring craft!

One note about durability. The marker can scratches off easily. You might try paint or perhaps adding a coat of mod podge or something like that on top if you think this would bother your child. Ladybug didn't notice so much but I have touched them up since they have been played with a lot. (edited to add that we have had these guys for about a year and have not needed to touch them up since the first time!) The pipe cleaners can of course get bent as well, but they have held up better than I thought.

Spring Crafts for Kids: Ladybug Finger Puppet

Finger Puppets

Ladybug was the one to notice that these can be used as finger puppets. She walked up to me with the ladybug on her finger and we walked through our now-standard introduction dialogue:

L: Hi, What's your name?
Me: Hi I'm mommy, what's your name?
L: Hi, I'm …..Dee-die-why-yah-yah.
Me: Hi Dee-die-why-yah-yah.
L: Nice to meet ya!
Me: Nice to meet you too!
L: Are you my mommy too?

Over the span of a couple days I kept adding other bugs. She calls them her little buddies. “Mommy, do you want to have a picnic with me and the little buddies?” You bet!…and the Bug Buddy finger puppets were born!

Dragonfly insect finger puppet made from pouch lidButterfly Finger Puppet made from babyfood lid
Bee Finger Puppet made from Pouch CapUpcycled Grasshopper Finger Puppet

Spring Crafts Are For Learning Too!

Spring Crafts for Kids- Upcycled Bug Finger Puppets from Lalymom

During the seven hundred and twenty two picnics that we have had with these bugs this week, we tried to mix it up every so often. Sometimes the bugs can only eat foods that are the same color as their body. Sometimes they have to wait in line and take turns. Sometimes each of them says a nursery rhyme before eating. These are some very talented bugs.

Oh! Also head on over the Educators' Spin On It to see how they used pouch cap bugs with a free printable for some letter learning fun!

I hope you enjoy these  easy spring crafts and make some of your own! Might as well pin a picture to remember! Please follow along over on our facebook and pinterest pages, we'd love to see you again!

Spring Crafts for Kids DIY Pouch Cap Bug Finger Puppets from Lalymom

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  1. These are just WAY too cute. What a creative idea. And I love that they are called bug buddies. My son would love this. The ladybug and bee are tied for my favorite but they are all so much fun.

  2. These are so cute! I love that bumblebee and I think my son would have a blast with these 🙂 Thanks for linking up with Mom’s Library this week! Definitely pinning this!

  3. I am in love with these bug buddies! Thank you for sharing them. I definitely will keep them in mind for our next unit on bugs next year. I think my littlest would love making these and play with them after. Now off to buy and eat these food pouches… 🙂

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