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Quick STEM Activities Invitation to Play

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We are back for Fine Motor Fridays after a bit of a summer break! Today's fine motor work is in the form of some quick STEM activities! I've added some affiliate links as well in case you want to try it too!

Simple, Low-prep STEM activities for toddlers, preschoolers or kindergartners.

So here is the funny little secret behind this activity: I meant for it to be an art activity! We were working on an idea for the Process Art Challenge and I thought it would be cool to make mosaics out of these geometric shapes and play dough. I tried my hand at it to show my son what to do and he totally had other ideas.

He is a tinkerer for sure. He took it to a whole other place- a place that I loved! It is now his number 1 requested activity! We have found lots of ways to build, learn and play with these materials since the first time we tried it.

I suppose, given my original purpose for this activity plus what my son added, we could actually call this STEAM since it could totally include art but either way works. The great thing is that these two materials together really make for a great Fine Motor workout too!

Quick STEM Activities

STEM Invitation to Play - Great activities for kids to work on basic engineering and math- bonus fine motor skills are a must!


Geometric shapes

Play dough

Easy quick STEM activities for kids. Great for older toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners.

Invitation to Play:

I set out the play dough, flattened it out and showed my son how you can press the shapes into the play dough. I thought we'd create a mosaic in the play dough. I'd suggest just letting your child's mind lead the way though, I was so surprised to see what my son came up with.

Low-prep, quick STEM activities for kids.

STEAM Variations:

Science: Use the shapes to model molecules.

Science: Compare the two solids (the play dough and the shapes) and talk about their differences and similarities.

Technology: Practice coding logic by assigning each shape a number based on the number of sides. Roll a game die and place shapes based on the number you roll.

Engineering: Use the shapes and play dough to construct the tallest structure you can.

Art: Start with basic color recognition by sticking the shapes to matching balls of play dough.

Art: Explore color mixing by laying out primary color play dough and mixing up the various colored shapes to see what colors they make.

Art: Make mosaics with your geometric shapes.

Math: Practice patterning and symmetry by making a pattern for your child to copy or continue.

Math: Stamp a number in the play dough and ask your child to stick the appropriate number of shapes into the play dough.

Math: Use the shapes to cut the play dough into equal pieces to explore fractions.

How would you use these materials to explore the various STEM or STEAM subjects? Let's hear them in the comments!

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  1. Isn’t it cool when you have one idea and your child comes up with something you never would have thought of?! I love those shapes – bet they’d look awesome on a light table, too!

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