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Zoom Backgrounds

Yellow background with 8 images of pictures to be used as a virtual background on a zoom video chats. 20+ Awesome Dad & Grandpa ZOOM BACKGROUNDS perfect for Father's Day, Dad's Birthday or just for fun. Download your free backgrounds today at Lalymom.com

Fitbit Stuff

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Fitbit Activity + Sleep Trackers + Wifi Smart Scale

Fitbit Accessories Ad

Fitbit Etsy Accessories










Kids’ Stuff

Printable Roll-a-Year New Year's Eve Activity and other printable games on Lalymom.com

Roll-a-Year Printable New Year’s Eve Game. Download the 2021 Roll-A-Year Game today and print the pages you want to use. See how to use this and the other activities on the New Year’s Eve Activities post.


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  • Affiliate Map Workbook


    A workbook for anyone looking to add affiliate marketing to their blogging income. This is a 20 page workbook including:

    • Cover
    • Table of contents with explanation of each page and how to use them
    • An overview of how to use affiliate marketing to serve your audience
    • 3 pages of cheat sheets to show you how to find ideas from Amazon, Google Analytics and Search Console
    • 2 Brainstorming sheets to help you uncover affiliate ideas from your life and your readers
    • 1 Affiliate Assessment to help decide if a merchant is a good fit
    • 1 Mind map page to walk through the product life cycle to generate content ideas
    • 1 Affiliate idea log to keep track of your content ideas
    • 1 Seasonal affiliate plan page
    • 7 Merchant logs to keep all the details you need at your finger tips
    • 1 Affiliate income tracking page
  • musical massage fathers day shirt DIY or Buy! Tutorial and for sale from Lalymom

    Musical Massage Shirts


    Give Mom, Dad or any music lover in your life this funny, playful t-shirt!

  • Learn with Play: 150+ Activities for Year-round Fun & Learning Ebook


    A GIANT COLLECTION OF OVER 150 HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS. The perfect book to have on hand for inspiring you on holidays, weekends, or anytime the kids just need something to do! A fun mix of hands-on fun with learning, celebrating, and appreciating family time.

    94 authors, 200 pages.

    Also available in Print and Kindle formats from Amazon!

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  • Fizz, Pop, Bang! 40 AWESOME Science and Math Activities for Kids! on Lalymom.com - 20 printables are included!

    Fizz, Pop Bang! Ebook


    Fizz, Pop Bang! Playful Math and Science Activities is a terrific resource for parents, educators and caretakers.

  • Zero to Two Book of Play Sidebar

    Zero to Two ~ The Book of Play Ebook


    If you enjoy trying simple, playful activities with your baby or toddler, I invite you to check out a lovely collaborative eBook that I contributed to. Zero to Two ~ the book of play is chock full of easy activities, step-by-step tutorials and inspiring photographs from some of the top kids bloggers from around the world! There is an index that helps you select the perfect activity based on your child’s stage in life and many of the activities are perfect for multiple siblings of different ages to do together!


    Learn more here!


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  • 99 fine motor ideas books

    99 Fine Motor Ideas Ebook


    -99 playful ideas to help you create fun activities to encourage fine motor skills.
    -Chapters devoted to DIY Toys, Busy Bags, Practical Life Skills, Sensory Activities, Art & Crafts, Early Learning and Holiday themed activities!
    -Each activity includes full color photos, a materials list and step-by-step instructions.
    -It’s a fantastic resource for parents, educators and caretakers.

    Learn more about this book and my co-authors here!

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  • Playful Preschool Activities Book for Three to Five Year Olds from Lalymom

    Three to Five ~ Playful Preschool Ebook


    If you are looking for playful activities to do with your preschooler, check out Three to Five: Playful Preschool eBook!

  • Step By Step – Fitness Tracker Success EBook


    Whether you have been a part of the Fitbit Craze for years, or if you are just starting to decide if you should get one, this guide will help to explain what a fitness tracker is, but more importantly how you can use it to reach your goals.

    Have you ever heard the saying, “Plan your work, then work your plan?” That is what it’s ALL about.

    Whether your goal is to use your Fitbit to lose weight or just to break free from a sedentary lifestyle, this book is designed to walk you through creating your own custom plan for fitness tracker success.

    We will cover:

    -What a fitness tracker does

    -How to set your goals

    -A three step process to create a plan to help you achieve those goals

    This book includes a bundle of free printables that will walk you through each step.

    Once you go through the system in this book you will know how you are going to reach your goal every single day!


  • Both Colors (Pink and Red) Fidget Spinner Valentine’s Cards Pack


    This pack has the red and the pink versions of the Fidget Spinner Printable Valentine’s Day Card. 2 page, color, 2 cards to a page, PDF

  • Pink Fidget Spinner Valentine’s Day Cards


    The pink version of the Fidget Spinner Printable Valentine’s Day Card. For details on how to use this printable see the original Fidget Spinner Valentine’s Day Cards Post.

    1 page, color, 2 cards to a page, PDF

  • Red Fidget Spinner Valentine’s Day Card


    The red version of the Fidget Spinner Printable Valentine’s Day Card.

    1 page, color, 2 cards to a page, PDF

  • Mother’s Day Silly Fill-In Product Page


    Wacky Mad Libs Style Printable Mother’s Day Activity


    1 Page, printable PDF, delivered digitally.

  • St. Pat's Shamrock and Rainbow Word Cloud Printable Activities for Kids

    St. Patrick’s Day Word Cloud Worksheets


    Kids will love these printable St. Patrick’s Day Word Clouds!

    2 pages total (each page has 2 word clouds; one page has two different shamrocks and one page has two rainbows), PDF.

  • Coloring Page Fidget Spinner Valentine’s Day Cards


    The coloring page version of the Fidget Spinner Printable Valentine’s Day Card.

    1 page, black & white, 2 cards to a page, PDF

  • Printable Alphabet Flash Cards from Lalymom - Beautiful printable cards, available in three print formats for flash cards, memory match cards or magic reveal cards!

    Printable ABC Cards


    ABC Memory Match cards, ABC Flashcards and ABC Magic Reveal Cards to use on a light table!

    For more about how to use the printables, see the original Printable ABC Cards Post.

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  • 20+ Awesome Dad & Grandpa ZOOM BACKGROUNDS perfect for Father's Day, Dad's Birthday or just for fun. Download your free backgrounds today at Lalymom.com

    20+ Dad & Grandpa Themed Zoom Backgrounds, Perfect for Father’s Day


    You will receive a zip file with 23 files inside. 2 MP4 video zoom backgrounds and 21 PNG image files to be used as Zoom Virtual Backgrounds.

    Note: All troubleshooting of Zoom backgrounds is to be done with Zoom, not Lalymom. All files have been tested and they work properly. Check device requirements on Zoom’s website if you are not sure that your device supports virtual backgrounds.