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Gifts that Promote Gross Motor Skills for Kids

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If you are looking for gifts to get kids moving, then you came to the right place! I've got an awesome gift guide for you this year that offers tons of gifts for kids who need to burn off some energy!

Gifts for Gross Motor Skills for kids - 12 Awesome Gifts that Get Kids Moving on Lalymom.com

Last year we joined a huge group of bloggers to bring you the 2013 Kids Gift Guide, where I shared Arts & Crafts Supplies Gifts for Kids.

For the 2014 Gift Guides I have a VERY active toddler and energetic preschooler so it is all about getting active, using up that energy and having FUN!

To start with, here are our favorite kids bikes that we found this year when we were tired of the overly boyish or girly bikes. We bought two of these gender-neutral bikes this year and I'm so glad that my son will like riding the one that currently fits my daughter when he grows out of his own smaller bike! I actually did a full review of these bikes for my Holiday Wishlist Reviewed series.

Little Tikes First Slide – We own this simple small slide and guess what? It's totally in our living room! My kids were so excited when we got it that my son was trying to slide on it before it was put together….the red slide part was flat on the floor and he was scooting his little butt across it saying, “WEEEEEEE!” We have had it about a year now and my 2 and 4 year old still play on it every day. When they seem to have more energy than usual I suggest setting up an obstacle course and the first step is always going down the slide!

Digging JumpStart Trampoline – We have two friends with indoor trampolines and my kids get crazy excited to go visit them. This trampoline happens to have an electronic component that makes fun sounds when the kids jump we well as counting games and more! When you are tired of the noises…it DOES have an off switch!

Caterpillar Tunnel – A play tunnel is another super fun addition to our living room and it is used in obstacle courses regularly. It is one of the first toys that our two kids played with together, chasing each other back and forth through it, laughing like crazy people.

Melissa and Doug Activity Cones – “Just cones!?” you say? Oh no my friends. These are actually AWESOME. My kids played with them at a park district class a lot and I was surprised at how much they appealed to a wide range of ages. Sitting infants can stack them and explore a new colorful shape, while toddlers and preschoolers can use them in obstacle courses (of course!), as hats in pretend play, construction site play and other games. As the kids get older they can ride their bikes around them and even use them in sports drills.

Mini Micro Scooter – We bought our scooter last year for Christmas for our then-three year old but both she and our now-two year old like to ride it. This size was perfect for us because it offered a little extra stability to our kids who were both new to scooting.

Flexible Flyer Swing Set – We have a back yard that I would call big for someone who lives in a major city, but small compared to those of my family who live in the suburbs. That said, we didn't want a giant swing set anyhow because we wanted green grass so the kids could still play and run around. This affordable swing set gave us all the basics with a small footprint. It undeniably gets used any time we play outside and sometimes when we are just headed to the garage to leave as well. 😉

Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper – We don't have this and we have never tried this. But. Look at this thing?! There is a video on amazon and it looks hilarious and awesome. I like that you could use it inside if you have a good space for it!

ThinkFun Roll and Play – My four and two year olds play this together and it's great on a rainy day when won't spend too much time outside. It's a big soft-sided, colored block that is like a game die. You roll it and based on the color you choose a card. The cards are very visual and most of them my two year can figure out on his own. They are simple things like, find something blue, stomp 6 times, make a silly face. So usually the kids are standing since we always have to walk around to grab the block/die. It's cute and fun!

Hexagon Ball Pit and 3 sets of Bag of 200 Balls – Okay this might conjure up images of the McDonald's Playland but wouldn't it be great to have one of your own so you can avoid the ones at the restaurants?! We actually have the exact same foam mats to go under this as in the photo.

Xbox 360 Kinect Holiday Value Bundle –  I am not a video game person but I'm totally sold on the get-up-and-move-ability of the XBox 360 Kinect, especially during our cold Midwest winters! Even for the little kids, they have come up with some awesome games that will have the kids begging to exercise- I mean play! My sister-in-law has this for her kids and I never would have imagined how fun it is and this holiday bundle comes with! I also have to say the full mom-approved Xbox Kinect review I read as part of our Holiday Wishlist Reviewed series over at the Jenny Evolution has me completely convinced.

And last but not least….

Plasma Cars – People! Just do it! Get one! NOW! These are great for smooth floors or smooth concrete outside. Some people said they work better if you replace the wheels with inline skate wheels but I guess it depends on the surface if you need them. Seriously, just watch this video and tell me it doesn't look fun!!

2014 Holiday Gift Guide

kids gift guide - get kids moving with gross motor skills gifts

This post is once again part of the Kid Blogger Network Gift Guide Series which offers over 75 different gift guides to help you find the best gifts for all the kids on your shopping list! For the HUGE mega list of ALL the gift guides head on over to What We Do All Day's master gift guide list or follow along on the Gift Guides Pinterest Board!

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