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Royal Baby Bike Review – Great Unisex Bikes for Kids of all Sizes

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Welcome to the Kids Wishlist: Reviewed Blog Hop! We did all the homework for you on your big ticket Gift Wishlist items, including a new entry in the US kids bike market! This Royal Baby Bike review will tell you everything you need to know about these great new bikes! Quick note- affiliate links are included in this post.

Royal Baby Bike review, perfect for Kids and toddlers Review on Lalymom.com Part of the Kids Holiday Wishlist Reviewed Bloghop

This summer LalyDad and I had been shopping for kids bikes for our 2 year old toddler and 4 year old preschooler for a while. We were trying to find bikes that were not overly gender specific so that we could buy one for my daughter and when she outgrows it, my son can use it.

Now just a note, little brother uses all kinds of pink and princess related items of big sister's. It's not the end of the world and he would totally ride a princess bike if it was available. We just didn't want overly commercialized, gender specific bikes, that was our preference. Nothing wrong with them, they're adorable, it just wasn't our thing.

Either way we were really happy to find RoyalBaby Kids Bikes.

Royal Baby Bike Review

Shopping for Kids Bikes

When shopping for these bikes on Amazon, I loved a few things about them. They come in a wide range of sizes and colors. Some kids bikes only come in 12 inch and 16 inch sizes but RoyalBaby bikes are available in 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch and 18 inch sizes! They are all situated on the same product page, you just select the color and size you want and you're all set!

RoyalBaby's flagship kids bikes come on Red, Blue, White, Green and Orange. All of which would have been fine with both our kids. We asked them what color they wanted.

If you DO happen to want the adorable girly kind of bikes, they do have a couple- there is a princess girls bike and a stargirl girls bike. Oh fun, I just saw they also came out with a sport suspension bike, balance bike (which gets great reviews!) and a new simpler design buttons bike. Check out the pictures at the bottom.

They shipped very fast and have a huge amount of information on the Amazon listings.

I found it helpful while shopping that so much information was on the Amazon page, it was all really transparent and handy to have it all right there rather than separate listings for each size and color.

Out of the Box & Assembly

RoyalBaby Kids Bikes - Great unisex bikes for toddlers and kids, great range of sizes on Lalymom.com

The boxes were not too big as you can see here- that is both boxes.The bikes arrive mostly assembled and there are only 4 steps to assemble the rest. I thought I had pictures of all the pieces but I guess not!

The instructions are on the Amazon listing and also included in the box and are very simple. What I LOVED is that they also included a sheet of paper which had the most common mistakes for all those dads- I mean people- who just hop right in without looking at the instructions. 😉 One example of this was trying to put the pedals on the wrong sides. They are not the same and they have marks on them so you know which is which. Just pay attention and read through the trouble shooting page at the VERY least and you should have no problem at all with the assembly.

In fact the main person assembling our bikes made a couple of these mistakes and it still only took about 20 minutes per bike.


These bikes come with a water bottle, water bottle holder and a thumb bell. The water bottle and holder are a nice touch because we don't have to go buy them and attach them separately. Same with the thumb bell however one note: it is not the brrring brrring kind of bell were the thumb lever rotates and makes a long ringing sound. It is a up and down moving piece which you pull down with your thumb, let go and when it pops up it makes a small ding. The thumb lever can get cock-eyed if your child pushes it wrong, you just need to reset it.

Quality and Durability

These bikes, I'm not going to lie, they are heavy. This is good thing and a not-so good thing. When researching bikes I read a lot of reviews about the cheaper store brands that were very light and users said they tip over very easily. This has not been the case with these and I feel like they are really strong and durable.

However, as an adult knowing that a lightweight bike is easier to go fast on it seemed a little heavy. But then I thought, these kids have boundless energy and they will not mind the weight of a durable bike. I do feel like if you have a very bumpy surface the weight may make it harder to get going?

Our kids are (sadly?) pretty new to biking. The two year old needs to be pushed around but our four year old can do it on her own.

Parents' and Kids' Thoughts

Overall we were really happy with the price, fast shipping, unisex design. We have them hanging upside down on hooks in the garage. The kids ask to use them a lot and we just grab them from the garage and bring them into the back yard.

Are bikes on your kids' wishlist this year? You should totally check out RoyalBaby Kids Bikes!!

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  1. I love REVIEWED lists! Ads on TV, etc. don’t really tell the full picture. My son is really hoping for snap circuits!

  2. What size of the Royal baby bikes did you purchase for you four year old? My son is three but really tall for his age and will be 4 in May.

    1. Cherell, how did I not write that in the post?! Thank you for asking! We purchased her a 14 inch based on the information we found online. The amazon listings seem to have recommendations but we found some other links as well. We thought the 16 inch would have been too tall for her and were happy to find the 14 inch. It was great for her over the summer at 4 years old and 41-42 inches tall. We will see how well it fits this summer!

      1. Thank YOU!! My Tiny is 100cm and 4 and I was going to get 14″. Another parent of a aimilar sized child said they got their child a 16″. Had me second-guessing. This was a huge help!!

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