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Piggy Bank Coins Sensory Bin for Kids

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This Piggy Bank Coins Sensory Bin is my contribution to a Collaborative Series from Little Bins from Little Hands called 40 Sensory Bin Fillers.

Piggy Bank Sensory Bin Using Coins from Lalymom Part of 40 Sensory Bin Fillers Series

Miss Three has had this piggy bank for years now and any time she receives money, or more likely any time LalyDad has change in his pocket at the end of the day, it is put in there. She loves adding the money and we love that she likes to count and name the coins as she does it. Win-win!

When I was thinking of a sensory bin filler idea for this series, I had a hard time thinking of what to use. My daughter likes dry materials best in a sensory bin and I did not want to use food this time. I liked the idea of using coins because it is heavier than a lot of sensory bin fillers so I thought the weight would provide some nice sensory feedback. Coins are also so shiny and make such great noise! So many senses are engaged!

Piggy Bank Money Sensory Bin for Preschoolers from Lalymom

We started by opening the (heavy!) piggy bank and pouring the coins out. It took longer than I thought, but that was okay. As we learned with melty beads, flower petals and rice in the past, my daughter loves the sensation of things falling and covering her hands, so we took turns scooping up the coins and dropping them on each other's hands or burying each other's hands.

Coin Sensory Bin for Kids from Lalymom

Of course there was a great opportunity for fine motor practice here too. Putting all those coins back in the piggy bank was going to take a lot of work!

When Mr. One woke up from his nap, he spied the bin of money right away. Now naturally, I supervised this activity since he still puts things in his mouth from time to time. But he did so great. He LOVED putting the coins into the Piggy Bank. He probably put half of those coins back in the Piggy Bank that afternoon.

Piggy Bank Coins Sensory Bin for Toddlers Using Real Money from Lalymom

Both kids really enjoyed this easy sensory activity, and it couldn't have been simpler to set up! We came back to play with it several times since we first emptied the piggy banks. So it is official: the Piggy Bank Coins Sesnory Bin was a huge hit! I'm so happy to take part in this series because I don't always thing to do sensory-related activities with the kids although they always like them! I can't wait to check out the other filler ideas in the series!!

40 Sensory Bin Fillers Series


As I mentioned above, Little Bins for Little Hands has put together a terrific series featuring 40 Sensory Bin Fillers. My contribution is this Piggy Bank Coins Sensory Bin. As part of the series each blogger may choose to add a linky to the bottom of the post. If you have a coin or money related sensory bin, please do add it to the linky below! Head over to the 40 Sensory Bin Fillers Page to see all the Sensory Bin Filler Ideas and follow along on the series' Pinterest board!

40 Sensory Bin Fillers Pinterest

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