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Fonte Bertusi Review – Vacation Rental in Tuscany

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A trip to Tuscany, Italy is a magical thing. Around every corner is something new to explore, something beautiful to see or someone to meet. At a vacation rental in Tuscany called Fonte Bertusi, you get all of this and more!

The Perfect Tuscan Vacation Rental, Get a look at Fonte Bertusi near Pienza Italy

My husband and I stayed at Fonte Bertusi ten years ago, before we had kids. It was so awesome that we actually cancelled the Rome portion of our trip and booked additional nights at Fonte Bertusi. Over the years we followed along on Facebook as the proprietors Andrea and Manuela posted photos and events. Finally we were ready to go back to Italy, and we knew right where to stay.

Returning this year with our kids (6 and 8), it has only gotten better. We flew into Pisa and took an afternoon to see the Leaning Tower and surrounding area, but Florence or Rome are also options.

What are the Rooms Like at Fonte Bertusi?

Fonte Bertusi is built in a Tuscan Farmhouse, with multiple different apartments, so you a few different options for room layouts.

When we went 1 years ago we chose a cozy one bedroom apartment, which had a small kitchen, a bathroom and a great outdoor patio.

For our family trip, we booked Fonte Bertusi's “il tramonto” apartment, which is on the second floor.

It has 2 bedrooms- one has a single queen bed and the other has two twin beds. The other two rooms are a bathroom and a kitchen with a stove, sink, microwave, open hearth fireplace, plenty of dishes, coffee station, and table for 4. There isn't a separate living room in the apartment but there is an awesome library room on the grounds with couches, TV, bathroom, chess board, books, artwork by the owners, and more. We hung out here a decent amount during our down time or while we did a load of laundry.

What Meals Are Included at Fonte Bertusi in Tuscany?

Breakfast is included here and it is wonderful. Manuela prepares a table full of food every morning and…having sampled some of everything during our stay… I can tell you everything was amazing.

There are breads, pastries, yogurt with many toppings, fresh fruits and often veggies like artichokes or peppers, fresh juices, and usually a couple special dishes each day (like potatoes, eggs, tomato and cheese slices etc).

Each day Manuela or Andrea would ask if we would like a hot beverage from the menu and they even made the kids little coffee-free versions. 🙂

Breakfast Drinks at Fonte Bertusi Tuscan Vacation Rental

What are the grounds like at Fonte Bertusi?

The grounds are beautiful, with artwork installed amongst all the bushes, plants and trees. Our kids had a blast running around the grounds, even played a little with Manuela and Andrea's lovely daughter. There are rolling hills as well as a pool and a laundry house.

One night we walked up a path to the neighboring property called Fonte for dinner at the restaurant (the walk is dark at night but we used our cell phone flash lights) and that was nice to have an option nearby.

Overall we found the grounds surrounding Fonte Bertusi to be fun to explore, and the perfect place to enjoy a Tuscan Sunset.

Perfect Vacation Rental to Enjoy a Tuscan Sunset on your Italy Vacation

What Is There To Do Around Tuscany?

Tuscany is chock full of tons of small hill top towns as well as a few big cities. There are ruins to explore, cities to roam, gelato to eat, and wine to taste. Yes we did take our kids to a wine tasting, and even crazier is that while we were there another family with two kids from Illinois stopped in to taste as well.

You can pick a direction and stop at towns along the way. As just an example, we made Fonte Bertusi our home base for day trips to Siena, Florence, Arezzo, Montalcino, Montepulciano, Pienza, San Querico, Radicofani, Montereggioni, Bagno Vignoni, Montecchiello, and honestly probably a couple places I have forgotten.

It is an easy drive to Pienza. The roads in Tuscany are narrow, winding and offer many hairpin turns. I will admit that my husband drove the whole time and… if were up to me to drive…we well may not have gotten anywhere! I am a nervous driver. Just something to keep in mind while you are planning but as long as you have a willing driver (and GPS is highly recommended) then you will have fun!

All in all Fonte Bertusi is one of the most magical places to stay in one of the most magical parts of the world.

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