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About Lalymom Chicago Area Mom Blogger at Lalymom.com

Hiya! I'm Laura, a Chicago Area mom to two sweet redheads! My daughter was born in 2010 and my son in 2012.

I started my blog to share the fun, creative kids activities we were doing and over time I started talking more about how I stay healthy and fit as a mom.

When I started sharing more about how to use a fitbit, it really struck me to see how many other people were on a journey to lead a healthier lifestyle.

That is when I started writing more about my own weight loss journey, including my Noom Weight Loss App Review.

Since sharing that, I feel a real connection with other folks on a weight loss journey. I love to support and uplift my fellow Noomers, an anyone on a path to lead a healthy lifestyle. In fact over 40,000 people have downloaded my Free Noom Food Lists Printable which also includes a free subscription to my Noom Users Support Newsletter.

What You'll Find on Lalymom

Today Lalymom reflects my real life goals to have a fun, fit family. You will still find kids stuff, but with more of a focus on being active. I also share a lot of inspirational health and fitness content to help other who aspire to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Noom resources for people using the popular weight loss app.
  • Tips and reviews on Fitbits and other wearables.
  • Fitness and Health tips.
  • Kids activities including fine motor activities for kids, obstacle courses for kids and more.
  • Healthy recipes to fuel an active lifestyle.

Each article I share aims to help you and your family to lead a fun, fit life as well!

Reader favorites over the years have been these articles:

Fun Facts About Laura

  • I grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago and graduated from the University of Illinois, College of Communications.
  • When I was in my 20s I once won a car from a radio contest. A hard-top convertible Mercedes Benz to be precise!
  • Before I became a mom I utilized those communications skills at an executive search firm, an executive health club and even an Irish Dance school. No I cannot do the jig. I handled their communications.
  • Nowadays, when I'm not blogging or spending time with my family, I love to read, exercise, travel (mostly to California and Italy!) as well as wine & dine with my hubby. And yes I will refer to him as LalyDad.

If you are wondering , “What does Lalymom mean?” It is based on the fact that my whole life there have been multiple Lauras in my life, so I was usually referred to by some nickname revolving around my name. It has changed over time, from childhood to various jobs. My middle name is Lynn so Lalymom basically stands for LAura LYnn MOM.

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Thank you for coming by, I'm so glad you did! Have a lovely day!


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