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Noom Diet Plan – What Do You Actually EAT?!

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Today I am writing about something near and dear to my heart- The Noom Diet Plan. I used the Noom Weight Loss App and finished the whole program, so I wanted to answer a common question that I get about Noom: What do you actually EAT on the Noom Diet? If my articles help you make the decision to join Noom, I would love it if you would join through my affiliate referral links, which I use throughout this article.

Last year I was so excited to share my Honest Noom App Review and Results. In the time since I shared that post I have had a record number of comments and emails about the Noom Weight Loss app.

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People ask me things like:

But one of the most common things people want to know is, What do you eat on the Noom Diet?

What is The Noom Diet Plan?

For starters, for anyone who is TOTALLY new to it, Noom is a smartphone app used to help you change your dietary habits and therefore lose weight. You start by taking their short online quiz during which you’ll answer questions about your weight-loss goals and preferred coaching style. The Noom quiz also gives you your expected weight loss schedule.

The main features of the Noom Diet Plan paid program include:

  • a one-on-one health coach / goal specialist for weekly check-ins
  • a support group of fellow Noom users
  • an easy logging system for your food intake, weight and exercise
  • a recipe collection, with filters to help you find just what you want (You don't have to use their recipes, they are just there if you want suggestions.)
  • and most importantly a behavior modification program. This is like short, daily snippets of behavioral therapy. Imagine if a nutritionist gave you short, daily tips on how to break bad eating habits. That's what it is. 

The free version of Noom does have the food and weight logging but you do not get the weekly coach, group or the all-important habit change lessons.

will talk about what I eat on Noom, but first I want to mention the tricky part about telling people what foods to eat on Noom.

You see, the Noom weight loss app doesn't TELL you what to eat.

They do have an optional add-on where they can create a 2 week Noom meal plan for you (I tried it, and it had some great examples of what to eat, but I just found I'm not a fan of following meal plans.)

But generally you have to plan your own meals. The thing that makes Noom different from every other program I've tried is the behavior modification program.

Any program out there that has specific meal plans to follow, specific pills to take, special shakes to make, or even food groups to cut out…they all overlook one thing: Your behavior. 

You can do ALL those things, and lose all the weight. BUT THEN WHAT? 

When you stop, or have to maintain those things for the long-term, you are still left with the bad habits that led to gaining weight in the first place. 

So I know everyone always wants the specifics foods of a diet, but Noom Weight Loss app isn't really even about specific foods. It's about forming good habits when choosing foods. And then keeping those habits as part of your lifestyle. 

Because that is what we all want isn't it?! We want to live a healthy LIFE. For a lifetime.

This is why I think Noom is so powerful compared to fad diets. The purpose is to give you the knowledge and ability to make healthy choices for life. And you deserve that!!

Click here to take the short Noom Quiz to get your customized plan today. 

What is the Noom Diet and What do you Eat on Noom?

Noom Diet Plan What foods do you eat on the Noom Weight Loss App

Okay okay okay. Healthy habits for the rest of your life, yeah yeah, yodda yodda. You still want to know what to eat, though, don't you?!

Here is a quick overview of the Noom Diet Plan, followed by some examples of a day in the life of a Noomer.

I'll be honest, the food guidelines on Noom are pretty obvious. But if they are so obvious, it's not the knowledge we need help with. It's our habits!

Either way, here are the details of the Noom Diet Plan:

  • No foods are off-limits.
  • Foods are all classified using a red-yellow- green foods system. Like a traffic light.
  • Nutrient-dense foods are encouraged, they are your Noom green foods. Think vegetables, fruits, whole grains.
  • Proteins and starches are eaten in moderation, they are yellow. Think chicken, many  beans(although some are green), lowfat milk and other lowfat dairy.
  • Foods higher in fat and empty calories- especially things like pizza, candy, alcohol- are red. But you are allowed to drink alcohol on Noom. While pretty limited, red foods ARE part of your allotment every day! You are just learning to balance them and eat them in moderation. Check out my Noom red food article to learn about my strategy for red foods.
  • Check in with your health coach once per week.

I will tell you that the first week when I logged my food in Noomthey were ALL red. All. Every one.

But that was okay. I think it was a vitally important part of my success to see that the foods I was currently eating were responsible for my weight. And if I changed my daily eating habits I could lose weight.

Imagine taking a picture of the food you ate this week, and taking of picture of what you look like today. (When I did this, I seriously burst into tears.)

At the end of your Noom program, imagine taking another picture of all the foods you ate that week, and a picture of what you look like. (Okay fine, more tears but this time, happy tears.)

The journey that I made from day one to the last day seemed incremental, but the changes that I instilled for life were huge. 

So, my first week on Noom, my food log looked like this:

  • Breakfast – 2 slices of cheese, as an afterthought as I made the kids' school lunches
  • Morning Snack – More cheese maybe? Or nothing at all?
  • Lunch – Just whatever I could grab from the fridge and eat super quick, probably some deli meat, and more cheese..hey that's most of a sandwich after all!
  • Afternoon snack – Handfuls of whatever the kids were eating, leftover snacks from the kids' plates after they were done
  • Dinner – We ordered takeout a lot. I would stake my claim, eating half of everything my husband and I shared, despite the fact that he is 7 inches taller than me. I never considered how odd that was until Noom. You mean I don't HAVE to eat my entire half of the pizza??? Hmm…
  • Evening – Wine, maybe cheese or junk food too.
  • Those foods are all red foods in Noom. Can you tell I like cheese?

After using the Noom App, which color codes all the food I enter, it started to look more like this: 

  • Breakfast – Better Oats brand instant oatmeal (yellow) with blueberries (green) and a small dab of almond butter (red) (Check out this article for 35+ Healthy Breakfast Ideas that are Quick and Easy.)
  • Morning Snack – An apple (green) with peanut butter (red so I paid close attention to serving size) or cucumber slices or carrots (green) with hummus (yellow), or sometimes cherri tomatoes with a dot of balsamic. (In winter I make sure to have Warm, Healthy Snacks on hand.)
  • Lunch – I liked to make a sheet pan meal once per week and eat a little for lunch each day. I am not a great chef so it was usually veggies (green) I could just dump onto the sheet pan with a simple protein (yellow or red), salt, pepper, olive oil. Or I would have my leftovers from the Meal Delivery Box Dinners from the previous night. My favorite sheet pan meal became cauliflower, a can of chickpeas and once in a while fingerling potatoes. I could pair that with leftover meat, deli turkey, tuna, salmon, sometimes I'd roast a chicken breast with the veggies.
  • Afternoon Snack – I learned to eat this before the kids get home from school so I'm not tempted to eat any of their snacks or ravage the pantry stress eating. My favorite is to make a quick smoothie with whatever I had around. (Here is a big list of Healthy Smoothie Recipes for inspiration.) Usually a banana, strawberries or frozen fruit, chia seeds and water. I might add almond butter or have a small serving of nuts, (which are red) or maybe yogurt, but the protein def helps make it more filling. I even add greens like kale or spinach, which you cannot really taste in a smoothy. Whatever ingredients I have on hand, I toss them in a cup and use my stick blender. You can make whatever kind you like but you can usually find lots of green ingredients to make them. Having a snack before the kids are done with school also circumvented my stress eating response I had when the kids were being boisterous and loud.
  • Dinner – Dinner used to be tough, partly due to my husband's taste preferences, but meal delivery kits made dinner SO much easier for me in terms of eating healthy. I talk more about it in my post Meal Delivery Kits for Weight Loss, but I would eat a half portion or whole portion of a meal delivery kit meal, from somewhere like Sun BasketGreen Chef or Hello Fresh. I also no longer feel the need to eat the same portion as my husband but that was a hard habit to break.
  • Evening – If I had room left in my daily Noom allotment then I might have a glass of wine. If not, then I'd save it for another day. The craving to have a drink or snack in the evening died down pretty quickly. (Here is a helpful article about Drinking Alcohol on Noom, if that is a concern for you.)

As time went on, and I learned more about nutrition from Noom, I started to develop some favorite go-to foods for each color. But other weeks I had a hard time thinking of foods to get to satisfy my yellow or green foods.

I decided I needed to keep a handy list of my Favorite Noom Foods, so I made myself some printables.

They really don't mean anything if you don't actually JOIN NOOM and get your custom weight loss plan.

But if you are going to join Noom, go ahead and grab a copy of my Noom Food List Cheat Sheets. 

I hope this helps to understand more about what foods are allowed on Noom, and what the Noom diet consists of.

I also found another Noom user who made a video about what she eats in a typical day, in case it helps! She starts by discussing how long she has been doing Noom, then shows the food around the 3 minute mark. She also shows how she enters the food in the app. She shares tons of helpful videos, so def follow her on YouTube so you have another point of support!

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And most importantly I hope you take the step to commit to yourself and Join Noom Today

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