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20+ Crazy Delicious Spring Smoothie Recipes

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Wake up your tastebuds, here comes spring! Today I am sharing over 20 fresh and sunny Spring Smoothie Recipes! FYI affiliate links are used in this post for super easy shop-ability!

23 Crazy Delicious Spring Smoothies

I don't know about your but Groundhog's Day or not, I am ready for spring! I live in Chicagoland and you guys- we just had SO. MUCH. SNOW this year.

I'm OVER it. DONE.

But I'm here to warm us up because, like I always say about Chicago- “Cold weather, warm people!'

So let's let the sun shine in and mix up some sunny spring smoothie recipes!

Spring Smoothie Recipes Tips

Smoothies are my go-to lunch when I am trying to eat healthy in the chaos of a busy life.

Sometimes I take a few smoothie shortcuts just to make things easier and healthier:

  • If I'm buzzing up a smoothie recipe for the whole family, I might break out the full size blender but when it's just me or the kids, I LOVE using our stick blender and the cup it came with. It's so much faster than setting up and cleaning the big blender that it totally feels like a mom hack!
  • Either way I always clean up smoothie dishes asap. Take it from a mom who has had to re-wash smoothie cups after they came out of the dishwasher. Do yourself a favor and soak & rinse it right away!
  • Shop the seasons. With spring produce coming into season soon, look for these ingredients to be at their peak freshness: apricots, cherries, nectarines, blueberries, papaya, strawberries and even avocados.
  • As you can tell by this post, I totally love experimenting with new recipes but if I'm in a big hurry I have been known to reach for pre-measured frozen fruit smoothie packs. Every smoothie doesn't need to reinvent the wheel!
  • Last, to give it a protein boost, I like to add at least a half a scoop of protein powder. I'm no muscle-laden beefcake but women often have a hard time getting enough protein in their diets, so if you find one you like, add a bit to your smoothies! I have been using this vegetable based vanilla protein powder
  • We keep a pack of Giant Smoothie Straws on hand. Some people say drinking acidic or staining beverages from a straw lessens the chance of stained teeth, but not everyone agrees on this. Either way they're fun, kids love them and you can use them in lots of straw crafts or for cutting practice.
  • When I strike it rich with a recipe I really love, spring smoothie recipe or otherwise, I add it to my blank recipe book. Boom. Ready for next time!

Okay now that you know all my smoothie secrets, let's get to the yummies!

Delicious Spring Smoothie Recipe List

20+ Crazy Delicious, Sun-sational Spring Smoothie Recipes - Wake up your tastebuds with these healthy, tasty treats!

Click through each link for full ingredients and instructions:

Okay there you have, are you drooling over these spring smoothie recipe ideas yet or what?!

I'd love to hear your favorite spring smoothie recipe or which one above you want to try first!

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