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Pimp My Light Box! {Multi Colored DIY Light Box Tutorial}

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DIY Light Box Multi colored Light Box Tutorial & Activities for kids from Lalymom

Yes, I DID say Pimp Your Light Box….because this post is all about making your very own, DIY Light Box that is both remote controlled AND multi-colored!

Okay now 90% of people who read this will think, wow, what a major dork! But I know some of you out there are thinking, Aww yeah, I smell what you are cookin! Maybe you're like me and lately you've been whipped to a froth by the idea of getting your kids a light table by such amazing blogs as Play at Home Mom  The Imagination Tree and Caution! Twins at Play!

These beautiful light tables are often seen at children's museums and are used to promote sensory learning through play. They can be used all sorts of ways. They can also be pretty spendy if you buy a “real” one… For example, the Jonty Craft or the Ultra Thin Light Panel. But as many awesome parents before me, I chose a cheaper option, a DIY Light Box…but I wanted to make it a little more awesome. Here is how I did it.

DIY Multicolor, Remote Controlled Light Box Tutorial:

I took a typical clear storage container, lined the bottom with white contact paper and taped a string of lights (more details below) to the bottom in a loose spiral pattern. The the ones I chose came with adhesive on the back but they are so cool that I know I'll want to use them for something else one day.

I laid a sheet of white gift tissue on top of the lights (it's okay, LEDs are cool to the touch!) to diffuse the dots of light, and then taped another sheet of tissue under the lid. I hung the wire out the long side and added some sticky foam pads along side it (like you'd use under furniture) so the lid didn't kink the wire. Plug it in, add toys and kids and voila! Pure sensory awesomeness!

Light Choices:

Now, a light box can be made totally cheaply with things you probably have already. You can easily use a string of white holiday lights. BUT. If you want to kick it up a notch and PIMP YOUR LIGHT BOX. You can get a set of these bad boys (or this TOTALLY cool music-activated version!) which will give you everything you need for a multicolored, remote control light box! You can find other “RGB LEDs” elsewhere but the set I ordered included everything, the LEDs, the control box, power supply and a remote control. These feature many colors, a brightness control as well as flash, strobe and fade options. They were on sale around the holidays so I splurged. Still way cheaper than one of those real ones up there AND more colorful!

Fun Note: American Science & Surplus has lots of fun light table and educational items for a good price, including the happy face shot glasses in the pictures.

Here are some of the ways we have used our light box so far. I look forward to finding new ways to explore color with Ladybug and Little Big Man using our light box. Hope you enjoyed this idea! Another fantastic resource for Light Box and Light Table ideas is the Ultimate Light Table Guide Group on Facebook! Come on by to share your ideas or just enjoy the ideas that others share! Please follow along over on our facebook and pinterest pages, we'd love to see you again!

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How to Make a DIY Multi Colored Light Box for Kids from Lalymom


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