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20+ Daisy Girl Scout Lupe Petal Ideas

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Inside: You will find over 20 ideas to help your troop earn the Daisy Girl Scout Lupe Petal. This petal teaches the girls the core values of being Honest and Fair. There are crafts, activities, printables, books and sample meetings. Enjoy! Affiliate links are included for easy shopping.

Over 20 Ideas for earning your honest and fair Daisy Lupe Petal

Welcome fellow Girl Scout Leaders! Today's topic is the Lupe Honest and Fair Petal, but don't miss some of my other popular Girl Scout posts:

Lupe the Lupine really is one of my favorite petals to talk about because, ever since I was a scout, being honest and fair seemed like one of the main lessons of being a Girl Scout.

There are so many ways to earn this petal and so many ways to model being honest and fair.

For our meeting last year we we read Lupe's story to the girls during snack time, then had them split into two groups and act it out. This way they had first hand experience of the honest and fair message.

The craft we did that day happened to align well with this message, but we had to do that craft for another reason too.

Every year one of my co-leaders sponsors a Christmas tree at our large local zoo. The business she runs is a children's therapy practice, so the ornaments always center on emotions.

That year she picked Inside Out themed ornaments, so it worked really well to discuss the feelings you feel when someone is treating you fairly, versus unfairly…and how you feel when someone is honest and not honest.

That is how we earned the Daisy Girl Scout Lupe Petal. Below are some other ideas from troops around the web.

Reading Lupe's Story

Here are a couple online versions of the Lupe story. They would be perfect for virtual meetings on zoom, or in person as well. Feel free to preview them and pick the one that works best for your troop.

This version is more artistic with live action views of plants and beautiful artwork related to the story.

Here is another version, read by older Girl Scouts, with close up pictures of the story. I love that the younger girls get to see older Scouts doing something kind.


Daisy Girl Scout Honest and Fair Petal Ideas

20+ FUN Ways to Earn the Daisy Girl Scout Lupe Petal - Lots of great ideas to be honest and fair

Daisy Girl Scout Lupe Petal Crafts

Lupine Flower Mixed Media Provocation – Kid made art is something to cherish. They're able to see the world through innocent eyes and how it translates into arts and crafts is beautiful. This art project presents the Daisy Girl Scout with various art supplies and mediums to create a beautiful lupine flower she will feel proud of.

Paper Bag Puppets

DIY ‘Fair' Stamped Beaded Bracelet – Sometimes we all need a silent reminder about being fair. Clay beads are strung to make bracelets. On the beads, the Daisy Girl Scouts will stamp ‘Fair' – so when they're admiring their cute piece of jewelry, they're also remembering, thinking about, (and hopefully) practicing being fair. This is a super fun craft the girls will have a bunch of fun doing.

The Daisy Garden Craft Project

Printables for the Daisy Girl Scout Lupe Petal

Worksheet for Lupe Petal

Goldilocks and the Three Fair Bears – Activity Pack – Believe it or not – Goldilocks has a lot to teach the girls about being fair. This printable activity set comes with a cut-and-paste sharing activity, building paper houses for the Fair Bears, and a role-playing game where all the Daisy Girl Scouts get to take turns acting out each role of the story.

Lupe the Lupine Maze

Daisy Girl Scout Honest and Fair Petal Activities

Remember the Lie Game – Get your Daisy Scouts together for a fun game of memory – with an honest twist! The game has two rounds – in round one, the girls make up lies and need to remember and repeat all the previous girls' lies. In round two, everyone tells the truth. Then the discussion begins – are lies easier to remember? Or the truth?

Lupe's Story – Acted Out with Stick Puppets

Hershey Kiss Snack Activity and Discussion – Here's an activity for your troop that at first, will only seem like a sweet treat for snack. But when the girls see how unequal and unfair the division of candy is on their own, you'll hear them speak out how not everyone got the same amount. This opens the door for discussion. Why isn't it far? What can they do to make it fair for all of them?

Button Button Who’s Got the Button Game

Organize a Swap

Books for the Daisy Girl Scout Lupe Petal

Ruthie and the (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie – Ruthie is put in a situation we've all been through at least once in our life – is Finder's Keepers really a good thing? And what happens when you lie about what you found to your friends and family?

Being Fair – This is a very straightforward children's non-fiction book that explores being fair in every day life. Easy for Daisy Girl Scout age range to understand and digest.

The Fairest Town in the West (VeggieTales) – Lets hope bad habits don't become the norm in the Wild West! Not only is this a book that covers the subject well, but it's also a Level One I Can Read! book, which means it's perfect for the girls to practice reading themselves.

A Big Fat Enormous Lie – Can you imagine if every lie you told manifested itself into a monster that just wouldn't stop harassing you until you told the truth? Yikes.

Sample Meetings for the Daisy Girl Scout Honest and Fair Petal

Making Friends

Troop Leader Mom – This Lupe Petal meeting is a must read before planning out what you want to do with your troop. Troop Leader Mom has a frank opinion and view on the activities for the Honest and Fair Petal that encourage giving one child more than another of something in the name of teaching them fairness. Even if you think the activity is harmless, it doesn't hurt to listen to a different take on the same topic.

All Things Girl Scouts

Mighty Girls Rock

OCD Girl Scout Leaders

How did your troop earn the Daisy Girl Scout Lupe Petal? Let's hear it in the comments below- you never know when your idea could inspire another troop!

20+ Ideas for earning the Daisy Girl Scout Lupe Petal - Lots of great honest and fair ideas!


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