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3 Pretend Play Busy Bags for Preschoolers

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My four year old daughter is all about pretend play these days so when I decided to join a Busy Bags Blog hop hosted by Playdough to Plato, I knew I had to create some pretend play busy bags for preschoolers!

Three Pretend Play Busy Bags for Preschoolers - Veterinarian Clinic - what a fun kids activity!

These three busy bags were a HUGE hit. My daughter really loves the idea that she can grab one of these on her own and set it up on her desk or the dining room table. I loved hearing her whisper and chat while moving the characters of her stories around! I'll share how easy it was to put these busy bags together below, but just a note that affiliate links are used below, which means if you buy something using a product link, my website earns a very small commission at no extra charge to you.

Now I list out the things we used but as you can see, I grabbed suitable toys from around the house. You don't need the exact brands I have but the links are there if you are interested!

Pretend Play Busy Bags for Preschoolers

Busy Bag #1 Veterinarian Office

Veterinarian Pretend Play Busy Bags Preschooler Activity on Lalymom.com - my kids love playing vet!

Fisher Price Little People of your choice
Assorted small animal toys (finger puppets, disney figures, Melissa & Doug Puzzle pieces, My Busy Book Figures, bath squirters, Plastic Pets, etc!)
A few tools from a Doctor Set
1 White mailing label, drawn and scored with the blade of your scissors to resemble gauze and bandages
Free Printable Vet Clinic Play Set Chart from Playdough to Plato
Laminator (optional)
Zipper Pouch (ours is from Staples bargain school supplies section but I do not see them on their website! This set looks great for various busy bag sizes!)

Three Pretend Play Busy Bag Ideas from Lalymom - How cute!

We printed out our free printables several months ago and my daughter loves them! Laminating them has helped keep them in tip top shape and it means we can use dry erase markers on the chart to reuse them over and over again! Usually my daughter uses them with larger stuffed animals and she is the Vet but for this I added a Little People figure as the veterinarian. Turns out though, that my daughter still played the vet and the Little People figure was a pet owner, so bonus!

Miss Four loved giving the pets a check up and her favorite part was the bandages. Seriously. LOVED the bandages. The animals got bandages, she got bandages, I got bandages, we ALL got bandages. We may have made extra bandages….

Busy Bag # 2 Teacher

Playing School Pretend Play Busy Bag - great for preschoolers and older kids too!

Fisher Price Little People of your choice
MagiClip Ariel Doll (the teacher!)
Small Notebook
Letter & Number Stickers (Ours were bought long ago, not sure where but these Melissa & Doug ones are nice too)
Zipper Pouch (ours is from Staples bargain school supplies section but I do not see them on their website! This set looks great for various busy bag sizes!)

Three Pretend Play Busy Bags for Preschoolers - Teacher Busy Bags - what a cute kids activity - my kids love playing school!

My daughter loves playing school so I knew this would be a good one for her too, but turns out it was also well timed. At preschool they just had a day to celebrate the first letters of everyone's first names. My daughter came home wearing a sticker with her first initial on it so she gave everyone a name and then added their letters. I thought she would use them to teach the kids about the letters but this works too!

Busy Bag #3 Camp Out

Three Pretend Play Busy Bag Ideas for Kids - Camp out busy bag on Lalymom.com- soo cute!

Fisher Price Little People of your choice
An LED Tealight
Random socks
Drinking Straw
1 White mailing label
1 Sheet of cardstock or construction paper folded in thirds

Sorry I was not fast enough to catch a photo of the items before the camp out started! Ha! The cardstock folded in thirds makes a tent (You might need to tape it, you might not, up to you!). The drinking straw we cut into 3 and stuck one of our leftover bandages (the mailing label) on the end to resemble a marshmallow. The tea light is the camp fire and the socks are sleeping bags. My daughter liked having the characters roast marshmallows and blow them out and she loved putting them to bed in the sock sleeping bags and tent!

That it is, not too tricky and LOTS of fun for my preschooler. If you have a pretend play fan in your house, I highly recommend taking your pretend play with you in a busy bag!

If you are ever looking for a great portable gift to buy for a kid that is PERFECT for busy bag pretend play, I highly recommend the My Busy Books collection. We often leave the book and playmat at home and tote the figures in a zipper bag or plastic container. My toddler LOVES his Thomas the Train one and both kids like the Minnie Mouse one but they come in almost every major character out there! Totally check them out!

For more busy bags and kids activities, check out these other ideas and be sure to follow my DIY Kids Stuff board on pinterest for more kids activities inspiration!

Busy Bags Blog Hop

Thank you to Malia from Playdough to Plato for organizing such a FUN blog hop! My daughter really got a lot out of it and now we have more ideas to add to our busy bag collection! Be sure to hop through and see them all!

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Playful Preschool Activities Book for Three to Five Year Olds from Lalymom

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  1. adorable! My daughter (almost 3) has JUST started venturing into the realm of pretend play. I love watching it unfold. I’m pinning this to my busy bag board!

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