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A Crazy Awesome Teacher Valentine Gift from the Whole Class

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Valentine's Day is around the corner on February 14th! Today I am sharing a super simple, yet silly and sentimental idea for an awesome teacher Valentine Gift. The whole class gets to contribute and their teacher is sure to love it. I added a couple affiliate links for easy shopping.

Cool Valentine Party Idea: Make this for valentine gift for teacher as an activity at the party!

I love volunteering for classroom parties and each time I have gone, my contribution as a parent was to create a simple but fun class art project or collaborative project.

For Halloween I hung a long banner of white paper on the white board, drew a sign on it that said, “Our Class Halloween Party” and laid out some spooky, monster googlie eye stickers and some markers.

Other parents had brought games and crafts, so the banner project was a perfect filler for when the kids were between stations, or finished one early.

Each kid would walk over and I'd say, “Hey are you here at the Class Halloween Party?!” They'd look at me like I was crazy and I'd continue, “Well if you're HERE you have to draw yourself on there, so we know you were here at the party!”

So the kids took turns drawing themselves, in costume and we ended up with a super fun class mural, which hung there until the Winter Holiday Party.

For the winter party I hung up a similar paper, with a similar title but I had normal eye stickers as well as santa hat stickers.

Both times the kids got right to work, and both times the kids loved looking at it over the weeks to follow. The teacher really liked the idea and I felt proud of my little contribution. (You've got collaboration, artwork, writing on a vertical surface! Win for everyone!)

For the Valentine's Day Party I didn't want to show up and do the same gag…again. But I thought it would be cool to make a class project into something the teacher would enjoy.

The most perfect gifts for Valentine's Day include some expression of your feelings so I wanted to give the kids a way to tell their teacher how they felt.

What better than a Giant Valentine's Day Card from the whole class?!

Easy But Awesome Teacher Valentine Gift

This was seriously the easiest thing to set up, and will be sure to make any teacher swell with pride…and maybe laughter too.

To see the students not only writing their own words, but telling her why she is appreciated, would be such a special way to make a teacher feel loved on Valentine's Day.

This makes a great filler activity if you have other games or crafts to do during the class Valentine's Day party. Just set this up on the wall and let kids know to come over between stations. That way the kids can stop by a couple at a time rather than forming a big line.

Here is all you need to make a cool Valentine's Day Gift for Teacher:

Roll of art paper

Tape or something approved to hang the paper on the wall

Heart shaped post-its (the colors vary, it is luck of the draw!)

Writing utensils

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Set Up your Teacher Valentine Gift at the beginning of the school day or party:

Hold up your post it notes to the paper and gauge how big of a sheet of paper you need depending on whether you are going to do one or two notes per child. You can make your vertical or horizontal. Trim the paper.

At the class party, hang the paper on a smooth surface, making sure you have permission to use tape or poster putty on the surface you use. Try to avoid brick walls or other uneven surfaces as the bumps may make the writing uneven.

You or a child should write across the top “I ❤️  my teacher because…” or you can choose to use the teacher's name.

Lay out the post it notes and some writing utensils that are appropriate for the age of the kids. If they cannot write yet, or if their writing will not fit on the notes an adult can write for the kids. Invite the kids to sign the back if they wish, and stick it to the mural.

(UPDATE: I originally shared this idea years ago, BUT obviously your classroom may have different rules on sharing materials this year. The post it notes could also be passed out at the kids desks, where they could use their own writing utensils before adding it to the banner one at a time.)

If the teacher wants to keep it, you may wish to use glue stick to keep the note on there for the longterm.

That is it! Is that the easiest, sweetest, awesomest teacher valentine gift EVER!?!?

I made a little video to go along with it. Feel free to share it if you know someone who would like this project!

This has to be the simplest, sweetest teacher valentine gift idea ever! Perfect for a class party!

What would your child write on this teacher valentine gift? Something sweet or something funny?

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