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Easy Non-Candy DIY Valentine’s Day Card

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Easy DIY Valentine's Day Card from lalymom

Valentine's Day is Friday, can you believe it? I needed a quick and easy DIY Valentine's Day Card to send to my daughter's preschool class. Yep, they're due tomorrow. I know this holiday is synonymous with chocolate, but the kids will get enough from others, so I wanted to do a Non-Candy Valentine.

I had picked up this Jumpin' Frogs game from Dollar Tree a while back, due to my obsession with clear plastic items that can be used on our DIY light box. We had not opened the package yet and I thought they would make a fun little Valentine.

Dollar Store Jumpin Frogs Game from Lalymom

I used picmonkey.com to make a card using the saying “You make my heart hoppy!” I tried printing my first draft of these cards on both of our printers and had drastically different print results. For my photo quality printer the “light” one printed better and this is the version you see here. The digital copy looks like that old turquoise blue from the days of the first color computer monitors but it printed just right.

If you'd like to make a set of these DIY Valentine's Day Cards for your child's classmates, I have set them up as a free printable for you! Head to the Fan Freebies Tab at the top of my Facebook Page. I have a light and dark version so you can try both to see which prints better.

DIY Valentine's Day Cards Materials

Easy Dollar Store Classmate Valentine from Lalymom

Free Printable Hoppy Valentine's Day Cards, printed on Cardstock

Dollar Store Cello Bags & Ties (Dollar Tree had clear cello bags with ties as well as Zip-top goodie bags with hearts on them)

Jumpin' Frogs game (also from Dollar Tree) (we needed 2 sets to make enough for the 23 kids in my daughter's class)

Optional: Ribbon

Scissors or pinking shears

Pen to sign your name

Hoppy Valentine Frog Valentine from Dollar Tree from Lalymom

DIY Valentine's Day Cards Directions

1. Prep the cards. The cards are six to a page, so print the number of pages you need and cut them out with scissors or pinking shears.

2. Place a card and a frog into each cello bag and seal.

3. Optional: tie ribbon around cello bag.

Done! Not too tricky and it is a nice alternative to candy. Both of my kids had fun hopping these little guys around the house today and I am tossing a couple into my diaper bag for distractions in waiting rooms and restaurants!

Frog Hop Valentine from LalymomIf you are looking for more preschool Valentine's Day activities, check out these CUT-Punch-PASTE Valentine's Day Art Projects and come follow my Valentine's Day Pinterest board for more inspirations!

Non-Candy Valentine for kids from Lalymom #FineMotor @CreativeMamas #KBN


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