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Monster Munch Fine Motor Game for Kids- Fine Motor Fridays

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Monster Munch Fine Motor Skills Game for Kids from Lalymom

It's the last Friday of October which means our 4th Fine Motor Fridays post. It was going to be our last but it sounds like several of us are going to keep this train a rollin' and do another month of Fine Motor Activities posts! Here is the SUPER fun and SUPER easy DIY fine motor game that I have for you this week.

Monster Munch Fine Motor Game for Kids

We found these chip clips at Dollar Tree and, as anyone with a light table or light box will tell you, you become almost physically unable to walk past anything made of colored plastic without wanting to buy it and go straight home to put it on your light table. So these came home with us and I liked the way the green one reminded me of a frog or an alligator, so I thought it would make a fun game for my daughter to use them as an animal somehow.

I was thinking about this when I thought of my blogger friend Georgina at Craftulate who has instilled the idea in me that everything is better with Googly eyes! When I added the googly eyes, it reminded me of these muppets I made during my pouch cap craft craze so I went to get some pom pom noses, hot glued them on, and voila, the Monster Munch clips were born!

Sesame Street Pouch Cap Figures from Lalymom

The clips are cute and I am sure we will find tons of ways to play with them, but I also think they would make super cute (and EASY!) DIY Sesame Street Party Favors or Sesame Street Themed Busy Bag components. Of course, as with anything with small parts, little brother was not allowed to play…he still puts things in his mouth. Please supervise your children when using any small objects or toys with small pieces.

Sesame Street Clips for Fine Motor Fun, Party Favors or Busy Bag from Lalymom

For us though, I set them out on our red tray along with some Monster Food, which was nothing more than matching colored pom poms and cut up fuzzy sticks (aka pipe cleaners or chenille stems) which were sent to us for free by craftprojectideas.com. We had bowls that vaguely matched each monster clip too, so I put those out and we got to work munching up the food!

Fine Motor Game for Preschoolers Using Pinch Clips from Lalymom

I have a strange infatuation with doing character voices for my daughter so we acted out all kinds of scenarios with these guys. For a while we were simply picking up the corresponding colored food with each monster and putting it into his bowl. Then one of the monsters would “need help” according to my daughter, so the other monsters would help him out, then it was another monster's turn to need help. We also worked on counting, sorting and size comparison.

Monster Clips for Fine Motor Fun from Lalymom

It was great to see her enthusiasm for this activity but she did struggle at first with the clips. For a while she couldn't pinch it open so she would slide the food in from the side. Then she tried two hands and finally she was able to pinch them open herself. She was pretty satisfied when she figured out how to do it by herself.

Monster Munch Fine Motor Game and Clips from Lalymom

Of course, given these little guys were made of clear colored plastic, we had to play with them on the light box a bit too. Just another fun way to play, it was kind of silly to see the food in their mouths.

Monster Munch Fine Motor Game for Kids on Light Box from Lalymom

Fine Motor Fridays

Fine Motor Fridays Collaborative Series from Lalymom

As I mentioned above this is the last Friday in October but NOT the last Fine Motor Friday! Some of us are continuing on with the series next month, so stay tuned! To be sure you are following all of us, here are the facebook pages for the participating blogs: Craftulate, And Next Comes L, Stir the Wonder and School Time Snippets. Mine is right up there at the top of the blog, so come on by and Like our Page!

Here are the other current posts from the other Fine Motor Fridays bloggers: 

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We hope to see you next Friday for more Fine Motor Fun! Please check out our Fine Motor Fridays Pinterest Board to see all the FMF ideas!

Fine Motor Fridays Pinterest Board

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  1. Oh I heart the Dollar Store! I think a trip to is due!! : ). Love your pouch cap monsters!! Love the game & even your monster voices, lol! I bet the were great : )

  2. First off, adorable! Second, I also cannot walk past any type of translucent plastic item at the dollar store. I am always looking for something new for the light table! Third, I love that you showed two ways to play with it. Fourth, how have I never seen those Muppet pouch caps?!? They are amazing!

    1. Haha, first off, thanks! Second, it’s an obsession, seriously, I need help! Third, I’m sure there are even more ways, I’ll have to update them as we think of them! Fourth, yes I should revamp that guest post to add it to Lalymom. I have a LOT of pouch cap crafts. Like. It is about even with my translucent plastic obsession!

  3. Haha so cute and creative! I just got a bunch of new pipe cleaners, and now I know what to do with’m! Thanks for the terrific idea!

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