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Snappets SUPER COOL Dinosaur Crafts

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You heard that right- today I have some SUPER COOL Dinosaur Crafts to share with you and they are called Snappets! You might remember that we recently participated in Dinosaur Week with our DIY Dinosaur Hat, Easy Dinosaur Stilts and Ice Cream Dinosaur Excavation. Today's dinosaur craft is a little different. Let me tell you all about it!

SUPER COOL Dinosaur Crafts called Snappets- they SNAP when you chomp them! Review and details on Lalymom.com

Zachary Opaskar, the creator of a new educational dinosaur toy reached out to me and asked if I would like to check them out. I took one look at his Snappets video and knew I was on board! I received complimentary samples of this product in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own.

I seriously loved dinosaurs growing up. My favorite book in middle school was literally a dinosaur reference book. Fun fact: since then my favorite dinosaur has always been the Archaeopteryx which is actually considered a species that is a  link between dinosaurs and birds!

SO. Snappets. Yes. We received them in the mail and when I had a quiet moment I assembled them. My 4 year old daughter could have helped me but I knew she would be super excited to play with them so I had them ready for her instead.

They come printed on sturdy, very colorful cardstock. My first impression upon taking them out of the envelope was that I was impressed by the weight of the paper and the high quality of the printing, they are very vividly colored!

Snappets Cool Dinosaur Crafts. A super cool educational toy review on Lalymom.com

They came with simple assembly instructions. I followed them to put together the first one and by the second one I didn't even need the instructions. I laid them on my daughter's desk near a window for some photos, which always is a sign to her that I'm up to something fun. Sure enough, I heard excited footsteps headed my way!

I showed her how to put her fingers in and right away she got the hang of it. I showed her how they make an awesome SNAP when you chomp their mouths and even though she is sometimes bothered by loud noises, she really loved this! Even LalyDad tried them out and said, “Wow they really have a good snap to them!” To which I explained that they are called Snappets, after all!

Can I just tell you that for the past month she has been obsessively playing with a Disney Princess Cupcake Game that she got for her birthday? Since we have assembled the Snappets she has ONLY played with them! So don't think that these are not for girls or that they are just for kids that love dinosaurs!

My 21 Month old even learned how to make them snap and he squeegee with delight when we play with them! They are cardstocks so I don't leave them laying around, and I mainly use them with my preschooler.

My daughter and I did some fine motor fun by playing with pom poms. She loved playing with them and feeding them pom poms.

Snappets cool Dinosaur Craft and Toy review on Lalymom.com. This super cook paper hand puppet is great for fine motor skills activities and more!

Snappets: Awesome Dinosaur Crafts AND Educational Toys

I can see why Zak calls these educational toys. They come in either full color sets or black and white sets perfect for coloring. They could be used for SO many play and learning purposes:

Dinosaur Unit Studies: There are 8 designs in the Dinosaur Snappet series: Ankylosaurus, Archaeopteryx, Elasmosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Pteranodon, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor.

Fine Motor Skills Practice: Pinching, tweezing an transfer skills are all SO fun with these!

Pretend Play: My daughter has names and personalities for each one! She loves tip-toeing up to LalyDad and “scaring” him with a big roar! Then she would turn to me and say, “Now come on, let's go have some FUN!” and we'd go back to playing with them in the other room. Can't beat THAT!

Counting: We used them to count various colors of pom poms and used them to make a “recipe” of juice for the dinosaurs. 4 Peas, 2 Lemons, 1 Orange, etc.

Alphabet or Site Word Pointer: We will totally use this with our Alphabet Pocket Chart to make letter learning fun!

Shadow Puppets: I mean, these things are just BEGGING for a flashlight, look at them!

Rhythm and Music: My daughter started singing a song with her Snappet and snapping to the beat of the song- how much fun would music class be with these?!

Kid-Made Dinosaur Movies: I think they are so cool and realistic looking that any budding kid filmmaker could make an awesome dino movie with them!

Snappets Dinosaur Crafts. A super cool educational toy for dinosaur unit studies, kid-made movies, pretend play an more on Lalymom.com

I am sure there are even more ways to learn and play with them but I need to tell you about Zak's kickstarter campaign. Initially he was printing and cutting them out himself. He is trying to raise money on a website called Kickstarter to purchase the expensive machinery to mass produce them and get his company off and running. If he does they can be made for classrooms, field trips, zoos sports teams, promotional products and SO much more!

He is SO close to his goal! I'm heading over to his kickstarter page right now to make my own pledge to help. If you think these super cool dinosaur crafts could help in your classroom, homeschool or playroom, you should head over too! And do it before July 8th because that is is fundraising deadline. Pledges can be as small as $1 but if he reaches his goal, backers of $10 or more will receive Snappets as a thank you! (Expectations are that they would be shipped in or after November 2014.)

Do know know anyone in your life who likes Dinosaur crafts? Would they LOVE Snappets? What do you think?

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