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Simple Activity for Learning Colors for Toddlers

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It is time for another Fine Motor Friday! Today's simple fine motor skills activity is all about learning colors for toddlers.

Simple Activity for Learning Colors for Toddlers on Lalymom.com. Great for color recognition, sorting and fine motor skills practice!

Mister 1 noticed Miss 4's Frozen Fractals sticky collage on the window the other day and I thought he might like to stick some torn paper onto it. He went crazy for it so I indulged him with lots of little paper pieces. (Note: This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission.)

Sticky back paper collages for toddler fine motor skills practice on Lalymom

I wanted to make a contact paper game that was more his speed. I thought it would be fun to do a color match activity. We did a contact paper color match activity last year with big sister and she really liked it but I wanted to start with something simpler.

Tearing, grasping and pressing tiny paper bits onto contact paper are all great ways to help him strengthen his hands and fingers! You will see in the picture where my son is tearing the paper (which he LOVED doing) that when he holds the paper it looks just like he is holding a pencil! This is a good sign that we were getting his little hands ready for writing! Mission accomplished- and double bonus- we worked on learning our colors and had fun at the same time!

You can surely set up something similar for your toddler at a sunny window or for a horizontal surface you can place it on a light table or light box. In fact, varying the activity between vertical and horizontal surfaces offers your child more opportunities to strengthen fingers and hands as well as working on hand eye coordination! Woohoo, good stuff!

Learning Colors for Toddlers Materials

Materials and tutorial for simple color learning activity for toddlers on Lalymom.com

All you need for this simple activity is colored construction paper, clear contact paper, colored cellophane sheets (if desired) and clear tape.

Learning Colors for Toddlers Prep

Quick activity to learn colors for toddlers on Lalymom.com. Fun Fine Motor skills practice and color sorting activity!

To prep the activity, grab one sheet of each color from the cellophane sheets and cut them each in half. (If you don't have cellophane sheets you can use colored paper as well, it will just be a little less bright.)

Cut two pieces of clear contact paper that are the same size (mine are about 21 inches long). Peel the paper from the top cut edge of one piece of contact paper and, with the sticky side facing up, curl and stick that top edge to a table. Once it is stuck it will be easier to remove the rest of the paper from it. Once the paper is removed your sticky side should be facing up and you can arrange the cellophane pieces as you wish on the stick contact paper.

Once they are where you want them, peel the top cut edge of the other piece of contact paper an lay it, stick side up, right onto the top edge of the one on the table. Again this will make it easy to peel off the rest of the paper, laying the top contact paper onto the bottom one.

Pick up the whole thing and tape it to the window with the sticky side facing you.

Now you can tear up paper ahead of time for your toddler to stick or you can help him or her to do the tearing!

Paper tearing and contact paper collage make great ways to learn colors for toddlers! From Lalymom.com

Now Play!

Demonstrate how to match the yellow paper to the yellow rectangle, and then invite your toddler to do it as well. You can also use crayons to match colors and draw on the contact paper like my son liked to do! We just roll with it around here!

You can match colors, just stick the paper on, try taking the papers back off, or even use it for counting practice! Lots of ways to stick and play! Our good friends over at Still Playing School used some colored cellophane sheets for color blending on their light table, which also looks super cool!

Have you ever used cellophane sheets or contact paper with your toddler?

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Simple Fine Motor Skills and Color Learning Activity for Toddlers on Lalymom.com, Part of Fine Motor Fridays

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