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Paper Punch Color Match Turkey- A Thanksgiving Fine Motor Activity for Kids

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Thanksgiving Themed Fine Motor Skills Activity for Kids from Lalymom

We are still on a fine motor skills kick in our house so I wanted to do a CUT-Punch-PASTE project to make a Thanksgiving Fine Motor Activity. I thought back to our L is for Leaf Paper Punch Puzzle and thought we could do something similar with turkey feathers. I put the whole thing on sticky back paper and slapped it up on the window to change up the orientation from our usual flat table. It didn't take too much time to cut out the free hand shapes or punch the circles. You really could adapt this to multiple ages. You could either have the child do all the cutting and assembling, prep the turkey by yourself and have your child put the turkey together or put the turkey together and leave the circles for your child to focus on. Great fine motors skills practice no matter what!

Paper Punch Color Match Turkey Fine Motor Activity for Preschoolers from Lalymom

Here is what you need if you'd like to make your own Paper Punch Color Match Turkey

Various colors of construction paper
1 Inch circle punch
Glue or glue stick
Sticky Back Paper (clear contact paper) (optional)
Googly eyes (optional…?)

1. Prep the Turkey: Cut out a brown turkey body, orange beak, red waddle, and multiple colored feathers. For the feathers, I lined up the various colored paper for the tail feathers, traced a feather on the top one and cut them all out at once. They were as long as the short side of the paper. Glue your eyes, bead and waddle onto the turkey's face. Punch four holes out of each feather.

2. Assemble the Turkey: If you are using the sticky back paper, I found it easiest to arrange the turkey the way I want it first on the table then loosely stick the turkey on. I lifted up the edges of the turkey to slide the feather under, to be sure that none of the holes were obstructed by the turkey body or other feathers.

3. Match the Colors: Set the colored punch circles on the window sill and let your child match them up!

Ladybug started out matching the colors, then because I walked into the other room, she started asking me, “Does this look right, mommy?” and matching them incorrectly on purpose. I came back in and we played the goofing up method for a while. She likes it when you do a double take, “Wha? Wha? Whaaa? THAT'S not right!”

Turkey Fine Motor Activity and Art Project for Toddlers from Lalymom

We both had a nice time playing with this and I think we'll do a Christmas themed one together soon. Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving themed fine motor activity? I'd love to hear about it!

Looking for fall themed fine motor activities? Check out my fall themed CUT-Punch-PASTE ideas, and don't forget about Fine Motor Fridays, where I team up with several lovely bloggers to bring you new Fine Motor Activities each week! I also have a ton of ideas on my Fine Motor Fun Pinterest Board. Thanks for coming by, see you next time!

Fine Motor Fridays Pinterest Board

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