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Awesome LEGO Reading Aids Kids Can Make

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Today I am sharing a preview activity from my book The Unofficial Guide to Learning with LEGO®. These three LEGO Reading Aids are simple tools to use LEGO® to engage readers of any skill level, from emerging to eager.

Easy LEGO Reading Aids for Kids - Great for encouraging reluctant readers!

These LEGO Reading Aids are totally quick and easy to put together. You could surprise your LEGO® lover with a reading aid and a new LEGO® Reading Book, or you could do this project together to lend more ownership to the reading aid. Maybe your LEGO® Builder will come up with an original design! (Hint: Come by our Learning With LEGO® Facebook Group to share your creations!)

LEGO Reading Aids

For the book, we were working on making simple LEGO® shadow puppets out of bricks and out of LEGO® Minifigures (which was a total hit with my kids by the way). As we were playing with them my daughter used the LEGO® Minifugure one to point to to things around the room.

Simple LEGO Reading Aids for Kids

I thought, hey I wonder if we could use that as a reading pointer! It totally worked, and my kindergartner loved reading with him. For our shadow puppet I just inserted a pinched plastic straw between the LEGO® Minifigure's legs. It does fall off if you bump him though, so you might want to try a craft stick or a thicker straw if you want to use it long term.

lego reading aid and shadow puppet tutorial

I wanted to try to make a few different styles of reading pointers, so next I thought I'd try to make one look like a pointer finger on a hand. It was super simple, but here is the breakdown of the shapes in case it's not so obvious.

Pointing Finger LEGO Reading Aid for Kids - Help emerging and reluctant readers isolate words and follow along with these three simple LEGO reading aids for kids.

Last but not least, I remembered how I had a hard time reading as a kid and how it helped to isolate each line as I went. I made a simple window cut out reading aid to try to achieve that effect.

reading aid line apart - tutorial

If you like these ideas, you simply must check out our hot new release The Unofficial Guide to Learning with LEGO®.

100+ Educational LEGO Ideas

Feel free to pin this sneak peek preview activity to share it with others!

LEGO Reading Aids for Kids - Engage your reluctant readers and eager readers alike with these fun, simple LEGO® literacy aids.




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  1. I really like the window reader–I’ve got a kid who has trouble with “full” pages. And hey, try sticking a bit of cardboard in the top of the straw to make it thicker.

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