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Cork Building Blocks Shadow Drawing

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Today we explore light and shadow using a gorgeous set of all natural cork building blocks called KORXX. We are thrilled to have this invitation to play and create sponsored by KORXX.

Shadow drawings using cork building blocks, #korxx are all natural, chemical free, sustainable, safe toys they're quiet too!

I've been writing more lately about how we are transitioning away from harmful chemicals in our personal products and I look for every opportunity to do so when it comes to our toys. It's really comforting knowing that KORXX are not only sustainably made but they are free of any harmful contaminants.

The best part though, is that they're a huge hit with the kids.

Since we shared our KORXX Tangram Cards last year, our KORXX blocks have been played with on a very regular basis. My son will make monster trucks all day long, and they usually are parked right next to the castle that my daughter builds.

My kids created a really fun activity all on their own. One day I walked into our play room to find that my son had clipped his booklight to the table and they were building shapes to see the shadows.

They did this three nights in a row, without prompting. “Whatever floats their boat,” I thought.

A few days later my own light bulb turned on and I thought, “Hey we should trace those shadows and make some art with them!”

The kids loved the idea and we had a lot of fun doing it together. The secret bonus here is that all the vertical writing and drawing is great for muscle development!

shadow drawings using cork building blocks. Awesome kids activity to explore shadows and light friction and to do some free art. #korxx

Cork Building Blocks Shadow Drawing Activity


Clip on book light

KORXX Blocks (You can order KORXX from Oh-Toys HERE.)

Double thickness of drawing paper (to protect the walls)

Crayons or washable markers (We found markers to be easier, but if you're worried about them bleeding through the paper, then pointy dark crayons were the second best option.)

Sticky tack

Additional art supplies (optional)

Set up:

Use the sticky tack to stick your double thickness of drawing paper to the wall behind a table or desk. Clip your booklight to the table or desk and turn it on. Build your shapes close to the wall but with enough room to reach around them to draw the shadows. Build new shapes, trace them, as many times as you want. Try moving the shapes closer and farther from the light source.

Art Extension Idea:

Decorating shadow drawings great activity using korxx blocks

When you've traced enough shadows you can turn the shadows into anything you want! Maybe color them in as some abstract art, make them into monsters with some googlie eyes, or draw in lots of windows to make a city. You can either move the desk out of the way and color while it is on the wall, or remove the paper from the wall and head to a flat surface to finish.

All in all the kids really had fun with this. The cork building blocks are so unique in the way that they kind of grip to each other, you can make shapes you might not be able to make with other types of blocks. It was also nice for us how quiet they are when they fall, given that one of my kids has an aversion to loud noises- stacking them tall is no problem!

We turned our KORXX Shadow Drawings into a winter wonderland. There is a “Dragon Snowman” in the middle and two “Christmas Tree Houses” on the sides. Ta-da! Fun collaborative art!

Shadow drawings - winter wonderland using #KORXX Cork Building Blocks

We really love playing with these blocks, they are just unique and lovely. To purchase a set of KORXX blocks of your own, head over to Oh Toys.


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