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KORXX Blocks Printable Tangrams Cards

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Today we have an opportunity to work with a brand that I really do love for a sponsored post. Although this post is sponsored by KORXX, all opinions are mine and we had a blast making these KORXX Blocks printable tangrams cards! The great news is that if we also have a giveaway at the bottom so you can win some too!

KORXX Blocks Printable Tangrams Cards - Free printables and colorful shapes made from eco-friendly, all natural toys. Sponsored post on Lalymom.com. Woah these look so cool!

These KORXX blocks are so much fun to play with! My toddler and my preschooler have spent hours tinkering, building and pretending with them in the past couple weeks since we received ours!

I love the way you can balance the blocks using friction, and when I first saw the product video that seemed like such a cool and unique feature! It made me try to think of all the ways we could stack them using friction. One day my monster truck obsessed son made- what else- a Monster Truck, and I thought, ooo what fun it would be to make cool 3D Tangrams Cards for our KORXX! And so….I did! The free printable is available in the Free Printables section of the Lalymom Shop.

It features 10 cards (on 5 pages) that you can print, cut and laminate if you like. Some are tricky and some are simple. You should be there to demonstrate how you press the blocks together to get them to stick when the shapes call for it! The pictures in this post all show the end result of the tangrams, with them standing up and balancing as they will when you build them. The cards themselves show each image front on, with a line at the bottom so you know where it should rest on the table or floor. KORXX Blocks Printable Tangrams Cards - KORXX are eco-friendly, all natural toys for kids that encourage imagination and fine motor skills. Check them out today! #KORXX

I loved the opportunity to write this post for KORXX– not only because we have all had fun playing with them but also because I can feel good about letting my kids play with them!

They are eco-friendly, all natural and made from sustainable cork. Another nice thing is that they don't make a lot of noise when they fall. This is actually a key feature to me because my preschooler is averse to loud noises so sometimes she shies away from toys that make noise when they are knocked over. So these blocks are super sensory friendly- and that is a win in my book!

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