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KID HACKS: 30 Space Savers for Kids Play

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Do you love scanning Pinterest for gorgeous ideas for your kids and home, like me? Then I know you've seen tons of beautiful toys, play furniture and learning tools that look amazing – if only you had the resources! These DIY Kid Hacks are life hacks specifically for kids' play ideas.

KID HACKS 30 Space Saving, Money Saving Life Hack Ideas for Kids Play on Lalymom.com

Maybe you don't have the room for a super cool train table but your kids love trains? Perhaps space is not an issue but you don't want to shell out the cash for a dazzling store bought or DIY light table, but you want your kids to experience light play. Or maybe you just LOVE DIY PROJECTS! Well either way, you will love these cool space-saving, money saving ideas for awesome DIY Kid Hacks! (Note: This post includes affiliate links.)

Kid Hacks for Trains, LEGO and Cars

My little guy loves anything that GOES . . . trains, cars, trucks, construction vehicles. Our kids play in our living room though, so we just don't want a big train table there. Whether you want something you can put away easily, need space savers or want to save some cash, check out these hacks to let your kids vroom vroom without a lotta room! See the tutorials by clicking each link.

Kid Hacks 30 Space Savers for Kids Play Including LEGO, Trains and Cars on Lalymom.com

Instead of These:

Train Table
Lego Table
Car Rug

Make One of These:

Ultimate PVC Play Table in a Bag from Lalymom (top left)
Non-Permanent LEGO Wall from Lalymom (top center)
Portable Lego Table from And Next Comes L (top right)
Lego Table from Kids Activities Blog (middle center)
Train Trundle from Small Friendly (middle right)
Felt Road Play Mat from Powerful Mothering (bottom left)
Car Set in a Backpack from I Can Teach My Child (bottom center)

Edited to add another cool one: Toddler Bed to Train Table from Munchkins and Moms (not pictured)

Light Play Hacks

If you have ever been to a children's museum or classroom with a light table, you know they can be mesmerizing and add a new element to any kind of play for kids. They are expensive to buy though, and again, if you don't want a permanent piece of furniture the bug tables are out of the question. Check out these awesome Light Play Hacks to dazzle your kids on a dime! Click each link for details.

Kid Hacks! 30 Ways to save money and space when you play on Lalymom.com

Instead of These:

Store-bought Light Table
Ultra-slim Light Panel
Multi-colored Light Cube (also available here)

Make One of These:

Easy DIY White & Multi-colored Light Box from Lalymom (top center and right)
DIY Home Light Box CAUTION: Twins at Play! (middle left)
DIY Light Table with Interchangeable Surfaces And Next Comes L (middle center)
DIY Mini Stackable Light Boxes Play Trains! (middle right)
Individual Mini Light Box from Teach Preschool (bottom left)
Black Light Table from CAUTION: Twins at Play! (bottom center)

Pretend Play Kid Hacks

If your kids love to play dress up, put on puppet shows or imitate their favorite characters, you know that pretend play can provide hours of entertainment. It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to put on a puppet show, and you don't need a whole amphitheater in your living room! Check out these Pretend Play Hacks and click on the links for some super fun ideas to keep those dreamers dreaming!

KID HACKS 30 ways to save space and money but still have fun! On Lalymom.com

Instead of These:

Land of Nod Puppet Theatre Stand
Land of Nod Doorway Puppet Theatre
Kidcraft Play Kitchen
Driving Wall Panel
Train Play Tent
Rocket Tent

Make One of These:

Full size DIY Puppet Theatre from Mama Papa Bubba (top left)
Table Top Puppet Theatre from Childhood 101 (top center)
Pack Up and Play Kitchen from And Next Comes L (top right)
TV Cabinet Puppet Theatre from Growing Book by Book (middle left)
Doorway Puppet Theatre from Dukes & Dutchesses (middle center)
DIY Mounted Car Dashboard from And Next Comes L (middle right)
DIY Cardboard Fine Motor Dashboard from Lalymom (bottom left)
DIY Over-table Train Tent from Craftulate (bottom center)
DIY Cardboard Rocket Ship from Lemon Lime Adventures (bottom right)

Life Skills and Educational Tool Hacks

We all want the best for our kids and if you are here, reading this, I am guessing that does not stop with their education. If you can't fit or afford an entire classroom at home, you can still work on those school skills at home! Check out these Educational Tool Hacks and click each link for the details.

KID HACKS Life Hacks for kids play! Space savers and Money Savers on Lalymom.comInstead of These:

Learning Resources Alphabet Pocket Chart
Double-sided Plastic Easel
Kaplan See Through Easel
Full Size See-Thru Easel
Guidecraft Folding Kitchen Helper
Alex Super Art Table
Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Water Table

Make One of These:

DIY Alphabet Pocket Chart (Optionally doubles as baby gate cover) from Lalymom
Simple Plexiglass Easels from Teach Preschool
Framed Plexiglass Easel from Fantastic Fun and Learning
DIY Window Easel from Teach Preschool
DIY Folding Kitchen Helper from Where Imagination Grows
Convert a Crib to an Art Desk from A Little Learning for Two
Removable, Adjustable Water Wall from Still Playing School
Portable Water Walls from Fun-A-Day
DIY Water & Tinker Table from Teach Preschool


Cardboard Craft Hacks

Click on the pictures below for a full tutorial:

Am I missing your favorite Kid Hack? Let me know about it!

30 Cool Kid Hacks - List of Life Hacks for Kids Play on Lalymom.com


For more than 2,000 MORE cool kids ideas, check out my DIY Kids Stuff Pinterest Board!

DIY Kids Stuff Pinterest Board

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  1. So, I definitely want to try the Lego Wall board in my classroom next year. And I have already pinned a million light box DIYs because I want to do that too. But now I really really want that puppet theater in a TV cabinet. Too Awesome!
    The Meek Moose

  2. fantastic ideas, im always keen to save money but still give ours kids the opportunities they desire xx

  3. This is such an awesome list! Thanks for sharing it… i think the box rocket i am sure my little boy would love it.
    Passing by from the kids co-op link up

  4. Goodness, Laura – these are brilliant! I would have killed for a list like this when we were in a 900 sq ft, one-bedroom apartment! Even now, with a 3/4 bedroom house, I feel like space is at a premium – things just seem to multiply and expand…
    I also love how many of these can be made by or with kids!! Totally up my alley 🙂

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