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DIY Alphabet Pocket Chart

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Today I have an easy tutorial on how to make a DIY Alphabet Pocket Chart from felt!

DIY Alphabet Pocket Chart for Learning Letters and Letter Sounds from Lalymom

My kids are both at really fun stages in learning. Miss Three knows all of her letters and letter sounds pretty well these days and we love games that reinforce that knowledge. Mister One somehow already knows a lot of letters as well! Big confession: I secretly think it is from watching the show Super Why! Ha!

Both of my kids have been allowed to watch Super Why pretty early on and I loved that they actually started speaking up when the characters asked what letters were on the screen! Initially they both started making non-letter noises but I liked that they were starting to recognize what they were asking about. When that started happening I took it as a sign that they were really interested in letters so I would take any chance during playtime to point out letters.

Put all that together with the fact that I have been trying to think of a fun baby gate cover and well..this Alphabet Pocket Chart was born! With Mister One we use it just to point out letters. He is so tickled to be able to look at the letters any time he wants! For Miss Three I grabbed our Memory Card Game, which she received for Christmas. The cards fit just right in the pockets so we take turns picking out cards and putting them into the pocket of the correct letter for each picture. “Rruh-rruh-robot! That means R!!”

DIY Baby Gate Cover Alphabet Chart from Lalymom #SmartMarch #BabyGear #Homeschool

I made ours double sided so it goes on both sides of the baby gate. I hope to add pockets on the back for numbers or shapes. I might make the pockets velcro so that we can change them out but something tells me if I do that we will end up losing the pockets!

This could be easily adapted to fit any baby gate, easel, the back of a chair or even hung on the wall! To hang it on the wall I would slit a couple small holes in the top corners and use Command Hooks to hook them on the wall. Below I show you how I made mine below but you can measure for yourself depending on where you want to use yours!

Materials for DIY Alphabet Pocket Chart

Materials Needed for DIY Alphabet Pocket Chart for Teaching Letters from Lalymom #SmartMarch #ECE #DIY

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Large span of felt- measure the size of the space where you want to use it and if you need ties, add about 1 1/2 inches to the top and bottom. Double your length to make it double sided.

Sheet of contrasting felt for the pockets. My pockets are 3 1/4 inch squares but you can make yours any size you want.

Adhesive felt letters

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Cutting implements of choice (scissors or rotary cutter)

Optional cutting aids such as a Straight Edge Grid Ruler

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Tutorial for DIY Alphabet Pocket Chart

How to Make a Pocket Alphabet Chart for Kids from Lalymom

1. Trim your large piece of felt to the size you want for the entire chart, allowing an extra  1 1/2 inches where ever you want to make ties. To make the ties use a ruler to trace off two 1/2 inch ties, as shown in the photo. Use your scissors to cut along the lines to form your ties.

Felt Alphabet Chart Tutorial from Lalymom

2. Cut out the pocket squares: I made mine 3 1/4 to fit the Memory Cards but before you cut, be sure that your chart is big enough to accommodate whatever size pockets you choose along with space between each pocket. Also be sure to take care of the surface you are cutting on, a self healing mat helps guard your table or countertop. I found it easiest to 3 1/4 wide strips using my rotary cutter, then using scissors I cut off a 3 1/4 inch square from the first strip and used that as my template to quickly cut each one. You could also make a cardboard template if you like.

3. Peel off the backing from the alphabet stickers and stick them to the center of each pocket.

4. Lay out your chart and arrange all the pockets where you want them before you start gluing. Pick up your first pocket and add a line of hot glue as close to the bottom and side edges as you can and place it back where you want it. Repeat for each pocket until you are done. Once the glue dries you are done! Tie it onto your easel, baby gate or slit holes to hook it onto the wall!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial for a DIY Alphabet Pocket Chart and I'd love to hear about it if you make one of your own! Looking for more fun ways to learn your ABC's? Check out my Alphabet Activities Pinterest board!

Lalymom ABCs Alphabet Activities Pinterest Board

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