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Ten DIY Velcro Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

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Welcome to another week of Fine Motor Fridays! Today's fine motor activities for toddlers are all about Velcro! Fuzzy, textured, noise-making, velcro appeals to kids in so many ways, and makes for such fun activities.

10 Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers Using Velcro - Nesting Velcro Lids- from Lalymom #SmartMarch #OccupationalTherapy #FineMotor

Velcro is one of those materials that can be kind of mesmerizing…no matter what age you are! The sound, the feeling, even the look of it can be so interesting! When you add some Velcro to activities for toddlers it adds challenge for those little fingers and something new and interesting to explore!

Another great material for kids can be found by recycling lids from empty containers, which you can see in my fine motor dashboard. They are colorful, durable and a good size for little hands. Put these two together for a quick and easy toy for infants, toddlers and preschoolers alike! It's an easy Nesting Velcro Lids Puzzle!

Nesting Velcro Lids Puzzle Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers from Lalymom #SmartMarch #OccupationalTherapy #OT

This easy Nesting Velcro Lids Puzzle was super quick to assemble and both Mr. One and Miss Three liked to play with it. Mr. One liked sticking and separating the same two lids over and over again. Next I showed him that they stick to the felt board…and to his fleece shirt too! THAT got a giggle! He moves so fast that I don't have a photo of the lids stuck to his shirt but trust me it was funny!

Roundup of Fine Motor Activityes for Toddlers Using Velcro- Velco Lids - from Lalymom #SmartMarch #OccupationalTherapy #OT #ECE

These lids will also work with any existing Velcro toys that you have. My son had fun sticking our set of Melissa and Doug Velcro Cookies (affiliate link for your convenience) onto the lids as well.

Materials for Nesting Velcro Lids Puzzle Activities for Toddlers

Recycled plastic lids of various sizes and colors

Velcro Dots (affiliate link for your convenience)

Easy Tutorial for Nesting Velcro Lids Puzzle Activities for Toddlers

All you need to do is place a Velcro dot on the top center and bottom center of each lid. I put the rough hook side on the top of the lid and the soft part on the bottom. This makes it possible to stick the lids to larger surfaces like a felt board. One note: if you have lids with the rubberized insert on the inside, like some soda pop lids, double check that the Velcro dot sticks once you apply it. Ours would only stick to the bare plastic lids and I would hate for the dot to come off while your little one is playing with it!

There is no step two, you're all done and ready to play! These lids are great not just for fine motor development but visual motor integration as well. Want to know more about those terms, and get a whole bunch of inspiring ideas on the subject too? Check out The Inspired Treehouse!

9 More Velcro Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

10 DIY Velcro Activities for kids - Fun activities for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners that get those hands working. #finemotor #toddler #preschool #kindergarten #kids #velcro

There are a lot of fun ways to use Velcro to make Activities for Toddlers. I rounded up a list of easy but fun ideas from around the internet right here!

Craftulate uses Velcro dots for her clever Fill-a-Truck Fun Game.

Powerful Mothering keeps her little ones busy with colorful Velcro Craft Sticks.

School Time Snippets whipped up this cool Velcro Color Sorting Tower.

Georgina from Craftulate's Mom popped in for a visit and made a Transportation Craft Sticker Velcro Play Set 

No Time for Flash Cards made some super cool Stay Put Button and Cork Builders!

Ever since our own Fine Motor Skills Activities Using Velcro Rollers post, they have become permanent playthings.

Teach Me Mommy thought up a simple baby play with Velcro and Pom Poms.

The Pleasantest Thing put together a simple but cool Rainbow Busy Bag for her little one.

The Nature of Grace made a beautiful set of Velcro Story Blocks.

Fine Motor Fridays

Once again I am teaming up with a terrific group of bloggers to bring you playful Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers. We keep it pretty informal around here so each week you might notice that we have a different mix of bloggers. We are all moms so some times it just doesn't work to post in a given week. Life takes over! But each week, those of us who can participate team up to present out ideas. Here is what we have for this week!

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Easter Fine Motor Activities from Little Bins for Little Hands

12 Fine Motor Activities from School Time Snippets

DIY Wind Car: Science Lesson & Fine Motor Fun from Stir the Wonder

Spring Butterfly Art and Garden Play from Powerful Mothering


Fine Motor Fridays Pinterest Board


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