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Activities for Infants and Toddlers eBook Launch: Zero to Two- the book of play

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activities for infants and toddlers ebook

Today I am thrilled to announce the launch of a wonderful new resource filled with fun activities for infants and toddlers! Zero to Two ~ the book of play is a new eBook from Cathy James of Nurturestore and I am over the moon excited I am to be one of the contributors!

Inside this eBook you will find 25 activities for infants and toddlers, and additional links to over 50 more activities! Every project includes a step by step photo tutorial and they range from simple play using a couple household items to DIY toys that you can customize just for your little learner!

I have had the opportunity to read through the activities and the awesome part about it is there are things in it that even my 3 1/2 would enjoy but we can do them together with her 16 month old brother! These ideas range from classic activities, fun with a twist, sensory, focus on play, backed up with lots of learning! Get a sneak peak here:

Also included with the eBook are 2 printable activities, one being from yours truly! I had so much fun making the item we contributed and my kids still play with it. I love customizing toys for my kids and family faces are the perfect attraction!

Free Printable Activities for infants and toddlers from Lalymom

It is perfect whether you are a new mom, you are looking for a great new baby gift or even a first birthday gift! With gift giving opportunities around every corner it would make a nice gift to say I Love You for a little one who lives far away. The collection arrives as an eBook so you can get it no matter where you are in the world!

Zero to Two eBook with Activities for Infants and Toddlers

You can buy it now- on any device- and then read it when you are ready! Depending on the apps you have installed and your operating system you may be able to save the book on your mobile device, but if you have any doubts or problems, I suggest using a computer to get the book and then share it to your mobile devices.

I hope you enjoy this eBook as much as I enjoyed working on my contribution! I'd like to thank Cathy James for including me in your amazing project! Thank you for all the hard work you put in to make this eBook happen!





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  1. Is there discount for this book. I work with toddlers and this book would really help. I really want this book, don’t have the money to buy it. Was hoping there was a discount. Thanks

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