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Light Table Activities for Valentine’s Day

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Easy Valentine's Day Light Play- Use color, foam shapes and a light box for easy Valentine's day light play.

It has been a while since we have posted about light table activities so today I have some super easy Valentine's Day themed light box or light table activities. This activity utilizes the red option of our remote controlled multi-colored light box. If you don't want to add these lights to yours, you could try using red tissue paper, a red plastic table cloth or thin red fabric but please pay attention to how close these items are to your light source if your lights heat up at all.

For this easy Valentine's Day Light play, we gathered as many heart shaped items as we could find in our stash and placed them on the light box. Easy enough right? (affiliate links included for your convenience.) For some ideas, we used heart foam stickers, large heart foam shapes, heart cookie cutters and heart shaped paper doilies. Some newly acquired triangle Magformers also made their way onto the light box, but we went with it.

Easy Valentine's Day Light Table Activities for Toddlers

It is really fun to see my 16 month old son's reaction to the light box since we haven't gotten it out in a while. He interacts with it completely differently than my 3 1/2 year old daughter ever did. He loves to lay on the floor and look at the lights inside and he loves to climb on it. We also put a mirror behind it this time which was another big hit with him.

Learning the color red and heart shapes Light Table Activities for kids from Lalymom

While playing with him we worked on learning a new shape- a heart- and talking about the color red. I asked him to point to the heart and he would find one and point to it. His normal toys don't have a lot of hearts so we had not covered that shape before. Having so many of the same shape helped to reinforce the shape for him. We did the same thing with the color red. Since the hearts were various colors, I asked him to find the red ones and together we sorted them into a pile of red ones.

Easy Valentine's Day Light Table Activities for Preschoolers

My 3 1/2 year old needed more than just naming shapes and colors so together we had fun seeing what pictures we could make using the various hearts we had. There were a few repeated themes coming out of her: butterflies, bows and fairies. She kept pinching two hearts together and trying to get them to stay together so we grabbed a clothespin to get the job done.

Valentine's Day Light Box and Light Table Activities for Preschoolers from Lalymom

She made multiple iterations using the various size and colored hearts. We took turns wearing the bows and fluttering our butterflies around. She loved looking at them move in the mirror with the red light shining on them.

So there you have it. Put stuff on a light box or light table, and play. A lot of times that is all there is to light table activities. I don't know what it is about light that just draws kids in but our DIY Light Box has added more than a bit of wonderment to our play time!

Looking for more Light Play ideas? Come follow my Light Play Pinterest Board! I also belong to the Ultimate Light Table Guide group on Facebook, come on by!

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