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Lemon Battery Experiment Plus 4 STEM Extension Activities

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Today we are doing a classic science activity- the Lemon Battery Experiment! Thank you so much to Green Works and STEM Box for sponsoring this wonderful day for me and my daughter!

Lemon Battery Experiment and 4 STEM Extension Activities - Get into the science spirit with the classic science experiment for kids- the lemon battery! Sponsored by Green Works

My parents both inspired a love for science in me so it has always been close to my heart. It feels like a rite of passage to begin to pass on that love of science to my own daughter.

Today's experiment began with our shipment from STEM Box, which is a monthly subscription service aimed at young girls that delivers hands on science experiments to their front door.

As we headed home from school my daughter asked what our plan was for when we got home. “A science experiment that came in the mail,” I told her with a flourish.

“No WAY,” she said. It was the best of both worlds- SCIENCE plus…she got MAIL! Awesome saaaauce! She was so super excited that she skipped along, pulling my arm the whole way home.

Lemon Battery Experiment

StemBox Monthly Subscription Service that sends all the components needed for awesome STEM Activities - Sponsored by Green Works

Each STEM Box contains all the (non-perishable) components to complete a STEM experiment. For our Lemon Battery Experiment we used:

LED Bulb
4 Lemons (not included)
Alligator Clips
Zinc Nails
Copper Wire
Safety Goggles
Easy Instructions Page

Bonus items that were also included in our STEM Box:

Green Works Wipes for easy cleanup
Mini Fruit Clock
STEM Button
STEM Sticker

If you have not heard of STEM Boxes, they are designed to be fun and engaging for girls ages 7 to 13. All the subscription are laid out for you on the STEM Box website, and are available by the month or pre-paid 3 or 6 month options.

If your kids are like mine- anything they receive in the mail is automatically awesome, so I highly recommend educational subscriptions like STEM Box!

4 STEM Extension Activities for the Lemon Battery Experiment

StemBox Science - Lemon Battery Experiment - Sponsored by Green Works, good thing, too because science can get messy!
Good thing they included the Green Works wipes for easy cleanup- Science can get messy!

Fruit Clock – Our STEM Box included a super cool fruit clock that works in a very similar way to the lemon battery we created. The fact that they include this in the STEM Box caused a lot of excitement in our house. I know we will try it out on other fruits in the NEAR future!
Lemon STEM Challenge - Lift a Lemon Engineering Challenge - Lemon Battery Experiment Extender Sponsored by Green Works

Can You Lift a Lemon Without Touching It? – Engineers need to come up with unique solutions to problems. Challenge your students to lift a lemon without touching it with their hands. The wording is the trick here. Another way you can say it is, “Can you use two lemons to lift a third lemon?”

Taste Bud Testing – Using a cotton swap, press the tip through one of the holes made by the nail during your the Lemon Battery Experiment into the lemon to soak it with lemon juice (or just cut the lemon open to get to the juice!) Take turns putting the juice onto different parts of your tongue and mouth to see how that effects the taste sensation. Try it with and without plugging your nose to see how the nose impacts the taste perception.

Lemon Electricity Experiment - 4 Extension Ideas to Learn from Lemons sponsored by Green Works

Balancing a Lemon – Can you balance a lemon on the point? How about on an angle? What unique balance challenges can you find? We noticed that the lid of the Green Works canister was a great place to try to balance our lemons!

What Lemon Science Activities would you do to extend the classic Lemon Battery Experiment? Let's hear it in the comments!

STEM in the Real World

Years ago, a dedicated, female scientist Maria Ochomogo led the team that created the laundry and household cleaners that make-up today’s Green Works line. That is why Green Works is excited to be the first official sponsor of StemBox. They are helping the next generation of female scientists unleash their power and discover their natural potential.

As a continuing supporter of girls in STEM, Green Works knows great things happen when women get involved in science. For that reason, a portion of proceeds from each March Green Works StemBox subscription will be donated to AAUW, The American Association of University Women, to continue their work of empowering women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research.

That is dedication! Thank you Green Works, from the bottom of my heart, for caring about our daughters!

For more information on Green works and its continued support of Girls in STEM visit GreenWorksCleaners.com.


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Green Works . The opinions and text are all mine.

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