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10+ Ten Frame Math Sets for Kids

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Have you ever learned a new concept and found that your family was so excited about it that you just can't get it out of your head? Well. We are on a ten frame math kick these days.

10+ Cool Ten Frame Math Sets for Kids - Helps kids learn math facts, perfect for common core math.

Months ago my daughter came home from kindergarten and had to explain her math homework to me. I had never heard of ten frames before but with the common core math making its way into our house, it was time for me to learn these concepts along with her.

If you are new to ten frames like I was, I have found a couple helpful explanations of the concepts. Check out this description of Place Value and this article on using Ten Frames to Teach Number Sense. As a parent I can really see the benefits now that my daughter is a few layers in, even if it is still not second nature to me.

The overall idea of these math tools, like ten frames and number bonds is to give students several ways to put numbers together, rather than focusing solely on rote memorization of math facts. It really provides a working understanding of numbers so you can see how and why certain math facts are true.

Traditional Ten Frames Math Sets

10+ Super Cool Ten Frame Sets to make math facts fun!

Educational companies are putting out lots of great products to practice ten frame math, from super basic to uber cool! Here is a sample, but if you have a favorite that I am missing, please let me know!

Stick around for more ten frames resources and ideas coming soon. Now onto the fun stuff!

Seen in the picture above, clockwise starting at the to left you see:

Ten Frame Towers from Junior Learning

Learning Resources Giant Magnetic Ten Frames Set

Oriental Trading Ten Frames Trays, which is also available with foam counters.

Didax Ten Frames Trains which look really fun to me

Set of 4 White Ten Frame Trays from S&S

10+ Cool Ten Frame Math Sets for Kids - Helps kids learn parts and whole, addition, subtraction and math facts.

Clockwise from the top:

Handheld Magnetic Ten Frame Cards from Learning Resources

Ten Frames Treasure Chest from Learning Resources

Foam Puzzle Link Ten Frames from Learning Advantage

Super cool Ten Frames Math Pocket Chart is also available on Oriental Trading.

CounTEN Sorting Set from ETA Hand2Mind

Not pictured is a helpful Basic Ten Frames Printable

Some of Our Favorite Ten Frame Math Ideas

We love making DIY Math Activities as much as playing with pre-made sets. Here are some ideas from our house:

How do you do ten frame math? I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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