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Easter Games With Peeps Finger Puppets

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Easter always sneaks up on me so I am prepping early with these Peeps Puppets Easter Games! This post will tell you how to make them, including a materials list with affiliate links as well as the details on the free printable Peeps template!

Easter Games for Kids Using Peeps Finger Puppets from Lalymom #DIY #SmartMarch #EasterforKids

This will be the first Easter that we will have a preschooler in the house so it opens up the possibilities for the Easter games that we could play. I thought it would be fun to do some puppet games so printed up these little Peeps Finger Puppets. I was going to use them right straight from the printer when I thought of the color and texture of craft foam…it looks and feels just like real Peeps candy marshmallow! Perfect!

So instead of cutting the printable finger puppets from the paper I used them to make craft foam finger puppets and these Peeps Finger Puppets were born! I wasn't too sure how much fine motor practice these puppets would provide but after seeing Miss Three use them to pick up eggs I was thrilled to notice that it encouraged her to use the same fingers she would use on a pencil. She needs to work on that grasp so I was happy to come up with as many ways to play with these puppets as I could.

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Fine Motor Skills Practice with Peeps Puppets Easter Games from Lalymom

Below I will share how to make a set of these puppets if you would like to make your own but first, here are a few ways to play with your Peeps Puppets!

Easter Games for Peeps Puppets

Colored Egg Hunt– Hide or lay out a set of Easter Eggs, depending on your kids' ability to find them. Each child chooses a different colored Peep Puppet and has to find all the eggs that match his or her Peep Puppet. This would be a great way to ensure an even spread if you are doing an Easter Egg Hunt with a wide range of ages. The older kids cannot rush in and take all the eggs before the little ones get a chance to find any! You could do this will filled or empty eggs.

Number or Letter Egg Hunt – Prepare your eggs ahead of time by writing numbers or letters on each one. Each child puts on a Peep Puppet and does a cooperative hunt to recover them all. You can't collect egg number 2 until you find number 1, and so on.

Egg Balance – Set out plastic eggs that match each Peep in the center of a table and lay the peeps out around them. Challenge your kids to try to balance the eggs in the leg holes of each matching puppet.

Materials for Peeps Finger Puppets & Easter Games

Materials for Peeps FInger Puppets for Easter Games from Lalymom

Printable template (available in the Free Printables section of the Lalymom Shop Page!)

Craft foam sheets
Brown Marker
Eggs for Easter Games

Tutorial for Peeps Finger Puppets

For paper finger puppets simply print the template and cut out the puppets. Finger hole sizes may need to be adjusted.

For craft foam finger puppets, print the template. No need to cut them out of the paper. Lay your template over the craft foam and trace it with the pen, pressing hard. Don't forget to trace the finger holes and face. The pen will leave an indented line where you traced the puppet.

Cut the puppet out on the lines. Cut out the circles for the finger holes (they might need to be enlarged for your child's fingers).

Use a brown marker to draw dots for the eyes and nose. Your Peeps Puppets are complete and ready for Easter Games!

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