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4 Simple LEGO Truck Building Ideas

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We are back for another day of LEGO Week! Today we are sharing four simple LEGO truck building ideas. My LEGO lovin', little dude has been building up a storm. So much fun to see what he comes up with. Heads up, there are a couple quick affiliate links in this post, which just means that if you buy anything through those links, I earn a tiny commission at no extra cost to you.

4 Simple LEGO Truck Building Ideas for Kids - Part of LEGO Week!

So maybe you have noticed a recent trend on this site for making various trucks? Maybe you're new here and you have no idea. Either way, we're in a truck phase with my toddler. It's awesome, he so gets lost in his trucks.

He's a real tinkerer so he loves anything with building, and we even found this series of youtube videos that show different vehicles being built, pretty fun! (Here is the awesome Truck Video Series, for our fellow truck lovers!)

So he got a HUGE kick out of building his own trucks with mommy. This is the only still photo that I got of him with them…the rest he was moving very fast and he's totally blurry!

LEGO Truck Building Ideas for kids - Today's LEGO Week activity!

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SO. Here you go. A tall monster truck, a short monster truck (my son spent most of the day with one in each hand today), a ladder truck and a cement mixer!

These were all built using this basic LEGO set.

Basic LEGO Set

LEGO Truck Building Ideas

This started out because my son loves monster trucks, so we built a couple, which went over so well that we kept going! Here is a Tall Monster Truck and a Short Monster Truck

4 simple LEGO Trucks to build with kids - Tall Monster Truck and Short Monster Truck - Part of LEGO Week!

The green one is taller because the bigger wheels attach to a taller wheel base.

Next we have ladder truck, which may or may not be real. But we actually used the brick remover tool as the ladder! Ha!

Ladder Truck and Other Simple LEGO Truck Building Ideas - Part of LEGO Week!

Last but not least we have the cement mixer, SO fun that it actually goes round and round!

Cement Mixer and other Simple LEGO Trucks to build - Part of LEGO week!

The cement tank is made with a small Easter Egg. I used the tip of a sharp knife, pointed away from me for safety, to slowly twist the blade back and forth over and over to make a whole in the top center. Be careful, go slowly, keep the blade facing away from you and protect your cutting surface. The hole does not need to be bigger than the post it goes on, I made the hole on mine a bit smaller and smushed it on.

LEGO Cement Mixer tutorial

Next you can build your cement mixer with these pieces.

Cement Mixer made from LEGO and an Easter egg

Ta-da! LEGO Cement mixer with a tank that really spins! My son loved spinning it around and singing the chorus from the Twenty Trucks Cement Mixer song.

He's pretty much obsessed with these little trucks and we have had a few conversations about how it's not okay to take LEGO trucks to bed with us….

If you like these ideas please pin them and be sure to check out all the other LEGO ideas below.

Note: This article was originally shared in 2015, updated in 2021. My how my little guy has grown!

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4 Lego Truck Building Ideas

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