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Exploring White

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Once again, we are following along with Play Create Explore's weekly color exploration themes. If you would like to look back at previous weeks, we have already done red, green, black, orange and blue. This week is white. When I first saw the color listed I was pretty stumped but once I got going on it, a lot of ideas came to mind! Below are some of the things we did at our house to explore this “all-colors” color:

Tooth Brushing Mat

One thing that came to mind when thinking of this color was our pearly whites. I thought it would be a fun AND educational activity for Ladybug to somehow be able to use a toothbrush to clean teeth other than those in her mouth. I did some googling for tooth brushing coloring pages and happened upon this one, which you can actually color on the computer before saving if you prefer. I made the hair the same color as Ladybug and Little Big Man, just for fun. I covered it with clear contact paper (obviously a laminator would work too) and then got out some crayons. I found that with the contact paper I got best results with Melissa and Doug Learning Mat crayons, although dry erase markers might work well too.

We drew bits of food on the teeth, I picked her frequently consumed faves to help her  understand that sometimes bits of her food are left on her teeth. It helped my daughter to know the purpose of brushing teeth and helped her understand how to brush side to side and up and down…she had to work much harder to get the colors off these teeth than she ever did when she brushed her own teeth. I do still go in after her to do some brushing!

Milk Powder and Ice Cubes Sensory Bin

We don't do a ton of sensory bins with messy stuff but I'm trying to take baby steps. We had packets of carnation milk powder that were about to expire so I thought, why not try that in a sensory bin rather than just toss it. We added the ice cubes part way through so she had a chance to play just with the white powder too. I added in some cups, spatulas, measuring cups and spoons as well as one of my favorite purchases ever: white tulle. I picked up a 6 inch wide spool of white tulle years ago at a discount wedding supply store and have used it for gift wrap (little girls LOVE gifts tied with tulle!) and various crafts with Ladybug. When we used it with the milk we had fun dumping a handful on top and shaking the tulle so the powder would sift through it. It was fun also to watch the ice melt and mix with the powder to make milk. Ladybug claimed she was making pancakes as she mixed it up. This led to our next activity…

Sink Play with Opposites

Ladybug has been excited lately by opposites as a result of reading a book and leapfrog video on the subject so we've been talking about them any time I can work it in. After the milk powder mixed with the ice it became kind of glue like so pulled her step stool up to the (WHITE!) sink and went about washing the white stuff off our hands and all the white utensils. While we were there I let her play in the sink, which we don't do often for some reason. We had lots of fun pouring and feeling the ice and water. We talked about hot, warm & cold, fast and slow pouring, empty and full, up and down, top and bottom and a couple more that I'm forgetting. That activity is going to be put into regular rotation for sure.

Infant White Toy Bin

Little Big Man was the recipient of some of the white toys from a white toys scavenger hunt. He is getting better at sitting up, but not quite there yet. I am looking forward to some fun sensory play with him once he is more stable.

White Objects on the Light Box

This one is pretty much what it sounds like, we put different textured objects in a bin and put it on the light box. The tulle made its way in here again, this time Ladybug enjoyed making a slide out of it and rolling the white pom poms down it. Other than that we had a silky ribbon, felt flowers and some cups.

Max N Ruby Cotton Balls

We don't watch the Nick show Max n Ruby all that often but it happened this week and I got to thinking of how we could incorporate them in this week. I enlarged a picture of Ruby in Microsoft publisher, printed her out and cut out the face. We had fun “puffing” her with cotton balls and feeding her food.

Ice Cube Pouring

This was just a small life skills activity we did, just because. I didn't even think to snap a picture. We used a new little pitcher I had picked up this week in the seasonal aisle at the grocery store. I needed to fill the tray after we played with it so it wasn't a major activity, we just talked about the white ice cube tray and practiced pouring.

That is about it! If you liked our little post about white activities for toddlers and kids, show us some love and share it or pin a picture! See you next time!

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  1. Of course, my favorite part is the tooth brushing activity! I think i might bring that idea into the office for the kiddies. I’m impressed that ladybug is so good with crafts – my oldest will sit for a minute and then he is off – maybe i’ll have better luck with the baby!? 🙂

    1. It is hit or miss with the crafts, some things she likes to repeat over and over and others are flops. Thanks, one of the ones she has played with the most is the tooth brushing!

    1. Thanks! Hope it helps! Oh you really need to check out Play Create Explore’s color explorations if you haven’t already, they’re awesome!

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