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Kid Made Camping Lantern

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How has your summer been so far? Are those kids staying busy? We've had a blast checking out activities from our Summer Camp Book!

DIY Kids Campint Lantern

This lantern is straight out of the book, and my daughter LOVES it. The best part is that she helped make it and she can use it over and over again!

All we did was gather the materials listed in the book, and get started drawing our camping scene.

I asked my daughter what she thought camping would look like and started talking about stars and planets. She said she wanted to draw Mars, so that is what we got! I drew some stars for her too.

We followed the quick assemble instructions and voila! She had her very own customized camping lantern, with a picture of what camping means to her!

The weekend she made this we actually set up the tent so that she and LalyDad could have a nice backyard camp out! Photo didn't come out terrific at dusk but she laid looking at her lantern a lot, according to LalyDad!

camping lantern for kids on Lalymom.com from the Ultimate Backyard Summer Camp eBook

Since the backyard camp out my daughter has requested this lantern for some indoor camping trips with her dolls and stuffed animals too. It's so adorable! We also had to make the trail mix in the book and she asks for that again and again! So yummy!

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