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20+ Daisy Girl Scout Gloria Petal Ideas (Respect Myself and Others)

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Inside: Explore all of the ways you can help your girl scout earn the Gloria (purple) petal. Browse the list of Gloria Petal ideas or bring it to your next troop meeting and receive your “Respect Myself and Others” badge. I've pulled together tons of Gloria Petal Ideas. These ideas include crafts, printables, and activities to help you come up with the perfect way to earn your Gloria badge today! Note: This post includes affiliate links.

Daisy Girl Scout Petals with an Arrow pointing to Gloria petal patch


Welcome Girl Scout Leaders, I am so happy you are here. We have tons of great resources for your Daisy Girl Scout Year. We will be sharing tons of great Gloria resources but first, here are some popular resources for new leaders.

Earning the Gloria Daisy Petal

According to the Badge Explorer the requirements to earn the Today you can explore all the ways to earn your purple Gloria Petal, which represents the Girl Scout law of Respect Myself and Others.

  1. Talk about “Gloria's Story”
  2. Invite an older Girl Scout to talk to your group about ways to respect yourself and others
  3. Practice respecting yourself and others

When you’ve earned your Gloria petal, you'll know how to respect yourself and others, just like Gloria the Morning Glory.

Gloria's Story Videos

Some troops like to read the stories in person or on zoom, but sometimes it is fun to mix it up and watch a video. Here are a couple versions we found depending on what style you like.

This troop has a whole series of Daisy Petal videos using real life footage to make the story feel real.

This version features an adult reading the story, so you can see the pictures from the story however they are now held up close to the screen.


Daisy Girl Scout Gloria Petal Ideas

Crafts for the Daisy Girl Scout Respect Myself and Others Petal

If you have a troop full of “crafty critters” then check out these cool crafts to work on respect.

  • Paper Snowflakes
  • ‘I Am' Self Portraits – The Gloria Petal represents self-esteem is something that correlates with respecting yourself. By creating these great ‘I Am' self-portraits, your Daisy Girl Scout troop will identify things about themselves. What makes them unique, what makes them feel good, and what are their talents are. The girls should be proud of who they are, and this craft is an excellent reminder whenever they read what they've written! We used this project to decorate clip boards to use at our meetings. 
  • Paper Gloria the Morning Glory


Printables for the Daisy Girl Scout Respect Myself and Others GLORIA Petal

If you like printable to hand out for your meeting check out these awesome options.

Daisy Girl Scout Gloria Petal Activities

There are several awesome activities you can do to teach and show respect. Her are some awesome ideas.

  • Have an older Girl Scout speak to your Daisy Troop about respecting themselves and others – Your Daisy Girl Scouts need good role models in their lives, and thankfully, they can find a bunch of them in the GS! Find an older Girl Scout, like a Cadet, one who has shown that she respects herself and others. It will be inspiring to the girls – that will be them in a few years!
  • ‘Roll Some Respect' dice game – This game is super simple and only requires dice. The girls will take turns rolling the die. Each number on the die corresponds to a question which each girl will answer regarding respect. Play multiple rounds – as time and interest allow. This activity is helpful in learning and retaining already learned virtues. By giving answers out loud, not only are they showing and reinforcing what they've learned, but it helps the other girls get ideas and further understand the meaning of being respectful and creating supportive atmospheres.
  • Practice kids yoga
  • Glitter and hand washing activity – Being respectful and mindful of others go hand in hand. If you're not a fan of glitter, you might want to stay away from this activity. Glitter does illustrate a great point and its very visual. In this activity, you mix vaseline (or lotion) with glitter and then shake hands with someone. This action visualizes how easy it is to pass things without knowing it, from one hand to the other. The girls will see that if they sneeze into their hand and don't wash, this is how easy it is for germs to be spread to everyone.

Books for the Daisy Girl Scout Respect Myself and Others Petal

  • “I Don't Want to Be a Frog” – This story is perfect for earning the Gloria Petal and learning about respecting oneself and having good self-esteem! It's about a frog who doesn't want to be a frog. He'd rather be so many other things that what he was created to be. That is until he gets into a situation that shows him that being himself is the best answer.
  • “I'm Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem” – Told by both a little boy and a little girl, this story focuses on being happy and proud of who you are. Celebrating yourself because of how awesome you are being is a great way to live your life.
  • “Shhh!” – Sometimes being loud and rambunctious all the time isn't being respectful and the shrew in this book is out to teach how silence can be a part of being respectful.
  • Why Should I? – This is part of a series that teaches many positive values. They make great social stories because kids have often found themselves in similar situations to the main characters. Very relatable and easy to understand.

Sample Meetings for the Daisy Girl Scout Gloria Petal

Want to see how it all comes together? Here are a few troops meeting plans. You can follow along or pick the parts that work best for you.

How did your troop accomplish their Gloria petal? Let the other readers know in the comments below!

Daisy girl scout ideas for earning Gloria Petal


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