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3 Easy and Fun Dr. Seuss Crafts Inspired by The Lorax

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I have to admit it . . . I can get kind of carried away with Dr. Seuss crafts and these Lorax Craft Ideas totally prove it! I love sharing fun book-inspired crafts and activities, and this post is a testament to that! Today's post features 3 Lorax-Inspired crafts and was originally featured in The Virtual Book Club for Kids. I am including some affiliate links so you have easy access to all the books and materials!

3 Fun Preschool Crafts Inspired by the Dr. Seuss Book The Lorax - Click through to see more Seuss ideas!

The Lorax has been the most inspirational book of the Seuss collection so far. When the kids were toddlers, the abbreviated Dr. Seuss board books were perfect for the kids. Now that they're getting a little older, they're totally ready for the full hard cover versions.

My daughter really likes the story of the Lorax! Since reading it, we have also watched the original 25 minute Lorax cartoon and the newer Lorax movie.

Today's activities include a Lorax finger puppet modeled off our popular Itsy Bitsy Spider puppet, a Truffula Tree Sticky Window and a super fun, super easy Lorax mustache, which we modeled off our equally-hilarious Mooseltoe Mustache.

All three crafts were big hits with both kids. My daughter loves pretend play so she loved the finger puppet, and my son loves anything contact paper, so the Truffula trees were his fave. I'm a sucker for those mustaches, so I'll take that one when the kids aren't looking!

I could see all of these being a lot of fun in a Dr. Seuss birthday party or on Lorax day at school!

Got a Lorax Lover? 

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Art Hub for Kids also has a How to Draw the Lorax video, which would be a super fun activity at home or in the classroom.


DIY Dr. Seuss Lorax Crafts for Kids

Lorax Craft #1: Lorax Finger Puppet

You can see this guy right up at the top of the post. Cute, right?! And so easy too! I happened to have some craft foam pumpkin shapes left from Halloween, but orange craft foam sheets are fine.


Orange Craft Foam
Googlie Eyes
Yellow Pipe Cleaners
Orange Pom Pom
Glue, glue stick or hot glue
Wire Cutters or Kitchen Shears


Cut your Lorax body out of the craft foam. He's described as a peanut shape so that was what I went for. Using the pumpkins I trimmed them like this:

Dr Seuss Crafts Tutorials on lalymom

My pumpkin made my Lorax about 6 inches tall. I'd make it about 4-5 inches tall next time.

Next take the point of your scissors and poke 2 small slits about half inch from the top of his head, about half inch apart for the eyebrows to come out. About an inch below that, poke 2 more slits about 1/4 inch apart for the mustache to poke through. Use your wire cutters to cut a 2 pipe cleaners in half. Take three of the pieces and thread them through the mustache holes. Take the remaining pip cleaner piece and cut it in half again. Use those two pieces for the eyebrows, threading them through the same way. The back of your Lorax will look like this:

Lorax crafts for Dr Seuss' Birthday on Lalymom

All that is left is to cut out finger holes about 3/4 inches from the bottom, and then glue on the orange pom pom nose and the two googly eyes! Ta-da! Lorax finger puppet!

3 FUN dr. seuss crafts for preschoolers inspired by the Lorax - Click through for more Seuss Ideas!

Lorax Craft #2: Truffula Trees Sticky Window 3 Lorax Inspired Crafts for Dr. Seuss' Birthday on Lalymom.com

This was super simple to set up, just like our Halloween Contact Paper Activity and I knew my son would love it. He loved it so much he kind of wore out the stickiness of the contact paper. He stuck the pom poms on so many times!


Clear Contact Paper
Paper Straws
Large Pom Poms
Clear tape


Cut a length of clear contact paper to fit your window. Remove the paper backing from the top edge, tape the top edge to the window securely, sticky side facing you. Pull off the rest of the paper backing. Set out the straws and pom poms. Done and done!

Lorax Craft #3: Lorax Mustache Prop

3 Fun Dr. Seuss Crafts for Kids - Click through to see more Lorax Fun!

This was one of the easiest Dr. Seuss crafts, and I couldn't resist. We had a lot of fun with our Mooseltoe Moosestache and this was just as fun. Use it for story retelling, role play or even a fun Lorax Birthday party favor!


Orange Pom Pom
Yellow Pipe Cleaners
Kitchen Shears or wire cutters
Glue, hot  glue or glue stick


Cut pipe cleaners in half. Glue the pom pom to the tip of the clothespin. Have your child place the pipe cleaners into the clothespin and you are good to go!

So those are our Dr. Seuss crafts for the Lorax! If you like them please pin your favorite one! What Lorax Crafts have you done? I'd love to hear about them in the comments! Be sure to check out these other Seuss-inspired posts:

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