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Three FUN Mooseltoe Activities

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Today it is time for the Read and Play Christmas edition! We chose the book Mooseltoe! Quick note- affiliate links are used in this post.

Fun Mustache Activities for Kids to pair with the kids Christmas book Mooseltoe and the giant Moosestache on Lalymom.com

If you've never read the book Mooseltoe it's pretty funny and it's the Christmas spin off of the equally funny Moosestache.

I love the illustrations in this book and even without the story, they would make the kids (and me) giggle.

Here are three silly book extension activities that we did with Mooseltoe.

Mooseltoe Beaded Moosestache Craft

3 FUN Mooseltoe Christmas Moosestache Activities for Kids on Lalymom.com - Click to see all three! What a fun Christmas book activity!

Looking at the moose's mustache, it kind of reminded me of pipe cleaners the way they are so moldable.

We took a bunch of brown pipe cleaners and added beads (which is an awesome fine motor skills activity!).

We had some pony beads and tri beads. The tri beads had much smaller holes but my 4 year old daughter was still able to it pretty well. The pony beads might be easier for younger kids.

We liked how the tri beads looked like Christmas tree lights!

Once the pipe cleaners were nice and decorated I had my daughter hold the clothespin and add the pipe cleaners.

I held her up to the mirror and told her to put on her moosestache and she laughed so hard! It was so fun! She loved that she looked just like the picture on the cover!

Mooseltoe Moosestache Straw

3 Funny Mooseltoe Moosestache Ideas for kids on Lalymom.com - Click to see all three! Such fun kids activities for such a fun book!

The moosestache we made reminded me of the funny mustache straws I see all over the place. I thought we could just use our pipe cleaners on the straw but they were heavy and off balance.

Instead to make out Mooseltoe Straws, we cut out mustaches from construction paper, decorated them with stick on jewels and cut an X in the center to slide it onto the straws. I'd recommend using craft foam though, the jewels weighted down the paper a little. Otherwise you could also use normal paper stickers on construction paper rather than the jewels and they wouldn't weight it down as much.

moostestache straws to go with mooseltoe on Lalymom.com click through for two more Mooseltoe ideas!

Fine Motor Moosestache Decorating

3 Mooseltoe Moosestache Activities on Lalymom.com - Click through to see all three book extension ideas!

My daughter came up with this one on her own and I love it!

She grabbed the clothespin we used for the moosestache and tried picking up the beads with it. The kind of clothespins that we have are tapered at the opening so she figured out that if she turned it upside down and used the handle side to pinch them, she could pick up the beads.

3 Fun Book Extension Activities to pair with the book Mooseltoe on Lalymom.com - Click through to see all three ideas!

She loved matching the beads to the decorations on the cover of the Mooseltoe book. What an easy and fun fine motor skill activity!

Have you done any Mooseltoe or Moosestache activities with this book? Let's hear about them in the comments!

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