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Fidget Spinner Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

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Inside: You’ll find some awesome fidget spinner printable Valentine’s Day cards that are available as a digital printable. Perfect for class valentines or as a gift for a special friend. Affiliate links are used in this post.
Fidget Spinner Valentine's Day Card - Printable Digital Download on Lalymom
Do you ever get ideas in your sleep? That is what happened to me last night. (First published January 2018, sharing again because I'm still so in love.)

I was snoozing away peacefully and went to roll over in bed around 4am.

As I did I sat bolt upright with a crystal clear picture in my head:

Fidget Spinner Printable Valentine’s Day Cards!!! 

I did a quick google and Pinterest search figuring I couldn’t have been the first one to think of this but… I didn’t find any?

So When I finally got outta bed this morning I went ahead and made some!

There’s a black and white version available and a coloring page version if you don’t want to print in color. The color versions are pink and red.

All versions of this printable can be found in the Lalymom Shop.

Fidget Spinner Printable Valentine's Day Cards - Instant Digital Download on Lalymom.com

Fidget Spinner Printable Valentine’s Day Cards Tutorial


Okay, first a few notes about fidget spinners:

My version in the photos uses a basic store bought fidget spinner. The diameter is roughly 3 inches. If you are giving these out, it would be super fun to give out red fidget spinners, pink fidget spinners or heart fidget spinners with this. If you want something more DIY you could make some paper fidget spinners to go with it (but it could be kinda labor intensive if you're doing a lot!) or other DIY Fidget Spinners.

The fidget spinners you use is up to you! 🙂

-Printable cards (from the Lalymom shop)

-Scissors or paper cutter

-Enough fidget spinners for each card<

-Heart stickers for each fidget spinner (foam heart stickers won’t get bent as easily but any heart stickers will do)

-Markers or gel pens

Clear plastic gift bags


1. Head to the Lalymom shop and choose the version you want.

2. Print out the number you need (they are two to a page). I recommend printing them on card stock but paper works too. Allow the ink to dry.

3. Use scissors or a paper cutter to cut them out.

4. Using the markers or gel pens, address and sign all the cards. If you are using the coloring page version, feel free to color them.

5. Stick one heart sticker on each fidget spinner with the point sticking off to be the pointer.

6. Place one printable Valentine's Day card in each bag, add a fidget spinner to the bag with the sticker pointed up so it doesn't get bumped off.

7. Fold the bag down and staple or seal with a sticker.

Who are you going to give these Fidget Spinner Printable Valentine's Day Cards to?

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