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50 COOL DIY Toys for Fine Motor Skills Development- Fine Motor Fridays

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Today I am sharing 50 Must-Make, Super Cool DIY Fine Motor Skills Toys. These include homemade toys for toddlers, preschoolers and school aged kids. Make them as a gift or make them together to give your child the gift of MAKING their own toys! How cool is THAT!? Affiliate links are used in this post.

Fine Motor Skills Development with 50 Cool DIY Toys- on LalymomBelow is a list of 50 Cool fine motor activities from Lalymom, my fellow bloggers and others around the web.

You will find toys made using recyclables, household items and craft supplies. Each one can be made with your own spin, customizing colors, shapes and more to fit you child's personality!

You'll find toys that encourage pushing, pulling, twisting, turning, poking, cutting, dropping, clipping, pinching, tying, stacking, buttoning and even flicking.

Phew- So much fun packed into this post.

And every single idea just begs to be played with in a way that is sure to get those hands, fingers and thumbs moving.

Am I missing something that you made? I would love to hear about it! Please leave a comment below to tell me about it or hop on over to my Facebook page to share a picture!

And don’t forget to stick around at the bottom of the post to see what the other FMF bloggers contributed this week!!

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50 Must-Make DIY Toys for Fine Motor Skills

50 awesome DIY Toys to make for kids

Please do CLICK on your favorites to see the WHOLE post and any instructions!

  1. Monster Munch Fine Motor Game from Lalymom
  2. Easy Velcro Lids Set of DIY Toddler Toys  from Lalymom
  3. Feed the Birds Game from Powerful Mothering
  4. Fine Motor Dashboard from Lalymom
  5. Tongs and Pom Poms on B-Inspired Mama
  6. DIY Geo Board from Little Bins for Little Hands
  7. Homemade Baby Guitar from House of Burke
  8. Kandinsky Felt Button Board from School Time Snippets
  9. DIY Word Wheels from Lalymom
  10. Magnetic Roads from And Next Comes L
  11. Clothespin Letter Match Busy Bag from Craftulate
  12. Velcro Dot Sticks from Powerful Mothering
  13. Play Room Car Dashboard Sensory Board from And Next Comes L – This is just so epic, my kids would have loved a playroom like this!
  14. Easy Color Matching Game from Little Bins for Little Hands
  15. Cutting Practice Spider from Lalymom
  16. Button Worm Apples from Stir the Wonder
  17. DIY Toddler Toy for Pincer Grasp from Lalymom
  18. Homemade Light Box Manipulatives from And Next Comes L
  19. DIY Puzzle in a Box from School Time Snippets
  20. Fabric Covered Wooden Block Puzzle from Craftulate
  21. Homemade Light Bright from And Next Comes L
  22. DIY Pick Up Sticks Activity from Powerful Mothering
  23. Halloween Themed Threading Activity from Stir the Wonder (Make one for every holiday)
  24. Rainbow Texture Sensory Board from Still Playing School
  25. Really Reeling Cardboard Fishing Rod from Lalymom
  26. Upcycled Coffee Can Twist Puzzle from De Rien at De Tout
  27. 5 Little Ducks Finger Puppets from Danya Banya
  28. DIY Rolling Car and Truck Toys from Lalymom
  29. Craft Stick Photo Puzzles from Craftulate
  30. Cutting Practice Princess Doll from Lalymom
  31. Empathy Dolls – I love this create idea from the Craft Train
  32. Ribbon Pulls and Other DIY Toddler Toys from The Imagination Tree
  33. Easy Cardboard Drop Box from Happy Hooligans
  34. DIY Montessori Toys from Racheous
  35. 10 Awesome Homemade Marble Runs on Buggy and Buddy
  36. DIY Fine Motor Toys from Teach Me Mommy
  37. DIY Sticky Velcro Blocks from No Twiddle Twaddle
  38. Easy Button Chain from Tips from a Typical Mom
  39. Family Faces Mega Blocks from Happily Ever Mom
  40. DIY Shoe Tying Board from Therapy Fun Zone
  41. Clothing Fastener Board from Craftulate
  42. Giant Spiderweb Lacing from Fun at Home With Kids
  43. Natural Loom from Babble Dabble Do – So gorgeous!
  44. Clothespins Bat Game from J Daniels Mom (I totally want to call this Alpha-bats!)
  45. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Threading Set from Here Comes the Girls
  46. Snowflake Drop Game from B-Inspired Mama
  47. 15 Awesome Marble Mazes and Runs from Hello, Wonderful
  48. Dyed Wooden Spools and Fine Motor Activities to Use Them With from Fun-A-Day
  49. Super Simple Ribbon Pull Toy from B-Inspired Mama – Seriously, genius.
  50. Ice Hockey Game from Teach Preschool


Fine Motor Fridays

Fine Motor Fridays- Collaborative Fine Motor Skills Series As has been the case every Friday for months now, we are joining up with a team of bloggers to bring you a collection of Fine Motor Skills ideas! Please click through to see all the other great ideas from this week and be sure to follow our Pinterest board below as well!

Snowman Sand Art from P is for Preschooler

Valentines Day Sweet Treat Fine Motor Skills Activities from Little Bins for Little Hands

How to make Foam Lacing Shapes from Powerful Mothering

Transportation Connect the Dots with Numbers from Craftulate

Foam Heart Sticker Mosaic from School Time Snippets

Painting Olympic Figures from Stir the Wonder

Cooking with Kids: Developing Fine Motor Skills in the Kitchen from Still Playing School

Fine Motor Valentine’s Playdough Play from House of Burke


Fine Motor Fridays Pinterest Board

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