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Want a FREE Fitbit, Wireless Scale and Meal Planning?

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Guys, guys, guys!! AWESOME news today! I just found out about a deal where you can actually get a Free Fitbit, free scale and a free, amazing meal planning subscription. Take this quiz below and see if you qualify! Just a note that my referral links for this awesome meal planning service are included below.

Score a free fitbit with this amazing deal!

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I write about Fitbits a lot and you KNOW I love mine, so this has me SUPER excited.

But it gets BETTER. I also have been sharing my weight loss journey, and so many of you have written back to me, sharing your wins, your struggles and your goals.

The most common weight loss struggle that I hear from people who write in to me is how to handle meal planning. I've been working on a big resource on this topic to try to help find the best solution for each of you.

During my research I found out about a hugely flexible, super customizable meal planning service called PlateJoy.

The thing that makes PlateJoy so cool is the they offer 50 different variables to be selected in your profile. The means you have the ability to add as many or as few people as you want, AND the ability to add everyone's dietary needs.

  • Does your family have one person who is gluten free and another person with a shellfish allergy? You can add them both.
  • Do you have have a large family and need a way to scale recipes and plan for the whole crew? You can add everybody!
  • Do you want to eat a healthy diet but need to feed growing, hulking teenagers?! You need to check this out.
  • Do you want a meal planning program with the option to link to grocery store services to have your groceries DELIVERED? Boom. Done.

So where does that FREE Fitbit come in, you ask?

During my research I learned that they have this awesome plan called PlateJoy Health. With this program you can get a FREE FitBit, a FREE Wireless Scale and a FREE PlateJoy subscription all paid for by your insurance!

ACK! Update! The quiz link doesn't always work. 🙁 

Have you tried this Hack to get a Free Fitbit, Free Wireless Scale and Free Meal Planning subscription!

How to Get a Free Fitbit, Free Wireless Scale and Free PlateJoy Subscription – Edited: Quiz may not be active. I still love PlateJoy but it seems like this program was not ongoing.

How it works:

1. TAKE A SHORT QUIZ – take a short quiz here to see if you're pre-qualified to enroll in PlateJoy's Free Diabetes Prevention Program. UPDATE: This link seems to work for months and then it doesn't work for months. I'm sorry. I was told it would be an ongoing program or else I would not have made a permanent blog post about it. 🙁

2. CHOOSE YOUR INSURANCE – Many insurance plans will cover your cost 100% and PlateJoy will tell you instantly if yours does.

3. GET FREE TOOLS – If you're eligible, you'll get a free Fitbit, free wireless scale, weekly plans, exclusive video content & more.

4. LIVE BETTER – Live longer and healthier, with a personalized program to eat better and stay active!

Here is everything that is included:

  • a FREE Fitbit fitness tracker
  • a FREE wireless scale
  • a FREE PlateJoy meal planning membership
  • Exclusive video content with real health experts
  • Time-saving grocery lists optimized to reduce waste
  • Full nutritional information for every meal
  • Option for grocery delivery through Instacart
  • On-demand advise from a personal coach

Take this quiz today to see if you qualify for a free Fitbit & PlateJoy meal plan!

If you do not qualify for this offer, but are interested in a healthy meal planning program, I highly recommend a PlateJoy subscription! You can check out PlateJoy features right here. 

Feel free to share this with anyone you know who could benefit from these healthy lifestyle benefits.

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