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25+ CROWD PLEASING Instant Pot Party Recipes

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Got a party coming up? These Instant Pot Party Recipes are sure to please any crowd! Whether you're looking for classic appetizers to pressure cooker dinners that feed a crowd, you will surely find a winner in this collection.

Crowd Pleasing Pressure Cooker Recipes Perfect for your Instant Pot

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It's PARTY TIME! No matter what time of year it is, there always seems to be some holiday just a round the corner…some gathering to plan for.

I love to have a go-to list of tried-and-true recipes that I know I can rely on any time I'm headed to a get-together.

Normally we use our pressure cooker for Instant Pot Dinner Recipes, but there is no reason to skip the IP just because you're headed to a party- it's the perfect tool to make a flawless dish that will have everyone asking you for the recipe.

Next time you've got a crowd to feed, look no further than your pressure cooker!



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QUICK Tips for Feeding a Crowd on a Budget

*Get your gear on! If you're cooking a big dish or something with multiple components, make sure you have a pot-in-pot set or other Instant Pot Accessories ahead of time so you're not scrambling.

*If your Instant Pot party recipe calls for vegetables, check the frozen section at your grocery store before opting for fresh vegetables. Usually you can buy frozen veggies in bulk for a fraction of the price of fresh – and these are perfect for using in the Instant Pot!

*Need to make a dip go further but don’t want to double the recipe? Add some broth to your dip. This tip will make your dip thinner so add it little by little until you get it right.


Instant Pot Crowd Pleasing Appetizers

Click through the links below for the full recipes to each of these yummy apps- they are perfect instant pot party recipes!

Keep Scrolling – More Recipes Below! 🙂

Instant Pot Part Recipes - These Crowd Pleasing Pressure Cooker Recipes are perfect for your next get together! #intsantpot #pressurecooker #partyfood #appetizers #yummy

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Easy Instant Pot Dinners for a Crowd

Aww yeah! Winner Winner, Instant Pot Dinner! Click the links below for the Instant Pot Party Recipes and dinners for a big group:

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Am I missing your Favorite Instant Pot Party Recipe? Help a Sister out and Let's hear it in the comments below!

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