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Free Goal Setting Printable – Perfect For Your New Year Resolution

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As we head into the new year we always start thinking of the goals and resolutions we want to achieve. Today's free Goal Setting printable will help you map out a plan for success.

Free Goal Setting Printable for Reverse new year resolution

So the big holiday season is rushing to a close. Whatever holidays you celebrate, chances are many of your normal priorities have gotten lost in the mix of these past few months.

Work parties, school parties, family parties, big family dinners. Gifts, meals, travel! They all take a toll on every day life.

Be it budgeting, weight management, cleaning the house, detoxing your family's personal products, being more active, spending time with friends- whatever you feel are your top concerns, phew! The holidays do you in!

I'm happy to say I have a really cool tool to help get you back on track. But hold on- as with any tool, the key is knowing how to use it!

This year I joined a really cool Daily Gratitude Challenge facebook group where the moderator recently shared a TED Talk about Time Management.

In order to really get the most from this tool, I highly recommend listening to or reading the transcript really quick. It doesn't take long. 

I loved the whole thing, and I hope it helps you but this printable deals with one idea that she shared that really stood out to me. I love the idea of doing your Annual Performance Review at the beginning of the year. Before it happens. 

To apply the idea to your personal life, she suggests writing out your holiday letter before the year happens. What do you want to tell people that you accomplished this year? Once you identify your priorities you can break it down into easier smaller increments.

That is what this printable is about. Think about where you want to be at the end of the year (or whatever specific date you set). Let's break that down, the way you might do in a performance review. If you have a sales-oriented job you might look at your quarterly or monthly sales from the past year. But what if you mapped it out as a goal for the coming months, rather than looking back?

What if you did this for personal priorities?

You want to lose weight this year? Map it out!

You want to save up for a big vacation? Plan your savings now!

This is an exercise to look into the future and make it happen!

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Goal Setting Tips

This printable really aims at helping you nail down exactly what you want to accomplish this year. To start with, let's make sure you have some SMART goals to work on!

You may have heard this acronym before but it always bears repeating. When you are goal setting, research shows that having goals with the following characteristics is the first step to success. There are a few different versions of this acronym, here is my favorite.

S – Specific – Rather than “be healthier” or “do better at work” try something specific like workout 3 times a week, eat vegetables every day, develop 30 new clients, etc.

M – Measurable – Attach a number to your goal so you can set benchmarks and see your progress.

A – Action-oriented –  Make sure your goal has actionable steps that you can take to work towards success.

R –  Realistic – Take a good look at your goal and at your life. What is a reasonable, attainable goal in this area of your life?

T – Time-related – Assign a due date to your goal.

How To Use This Goal Setting Printable

Once you have either written this year's holiday letter or done your own mock year-end performance review, you will see some areas in your life where you want to achieve specific goals. Write them each down and then jot notes below them using the S.M.A.R.T principles. Now you're ready for the Reverse Resolutions Printable! Sign up for my not-too-frequent Resolutions Newsletter to receive yours for free!

Pick one goal, print your Reverse Resolutions goal setting Printable.

At the top write your goal- whatever you want to say you've achieved by the end of the year.

Now you are going to map out each month. Remember that measurable number you attached to your goal? Divide it by the number of months or weeks until your due date. You can adjust it up or down to account for your busy season at work or the holidays, etc. For example, if I hope to lose 30 pounds this year, starting in January, I would expect to lose more weight in January than in November and December when I know I will be attending holiday parties. If you are setting a goal to sell more boats, you probably would have a different sales goal in May and June than in February.

Take those action steps and write them down in each month on the printable. Add them to your calendar too. Remember- THIS is your priority. Schedule your action steps and set reminders.

What do you think? Are you ready to give it a try?

What new year resolution or other goal will you use this goal setting printable for? Let's hear it in the comments below!

Free Goal Setting Printable - Perfect for a New Year Resolution or any long term goal!

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