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30 Day Step Challenge for Fitness Trackers – Free Printable

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Hey guys, today I am sharing another fitness printable with you- a 30 Day Step Challenge to help you know exactly where to find the steps to increase your step count! Affiliate links are used in this post.

30 Day Step Challenge - for Fitbit, Jawbone or any step count tracker - free printable

Thank you so much for stopping by! If you are looking for tools to help you increase your step count then you are in the right place!

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One of my favorite tips for hitting your step goal is to know the step counts for your common, daily destinations. That is what today's tool is all about, so let's get to the challenge!

30 Day Step Challenge

First, let's get something straight. This is not your typical 30 Day Challenge. It doesn't increase in intensity or steps logged each day.

Instead it is a tool to help you see exactly how many steps it takes to do all the regular things you can do every day.

If you take this challenge, record all the steps and hold onto those numbers, you will have 30 easy ways to hit your step goal when you are missing the mark.

No more jogging in place before you get in bed each night! No more cheating your fitbit just to get those magical 10,000 steps!

30 Day Step Challenge Calendar - Works with fitbit or any step tracker

How The 30 Day Step Count Challenge Works

Each day lists one simple task to complete. When you are ready to do the task listed, check your step count and make note or write it down. Complete the task listed and then check it again at the end of the task. Subtract the two numbers and record the number of steps it took to complete that task.

So if was about to complete Day Two: 15 Minutes Fave Cardio, I'd look at my fitness tracker and note that I'm currently at 3,000 steps. Then I start 15 minutes of my favorite type of cardio, and when I finish I see that my fitbit says I am at 5,000 steps. 5,000-3,000=2,000 steps. Cool, 15 mins of my favorite cardio activity banked me 2,000 steps and that I what I write on the calendar.

FIT TIP: When you finish these 30 days, record the results on your Step Bump List.

Do you see the simple magic behind this? Everything you do all day has a step count associated with it but they are different for everyone. Just plug and play all those smaller trips and you can easily reach your goal.

Here are a few examples on how to use this info:

Each day we walk to school. It is about 1500 steps in the morning and 1500 when I pick her up. We brave some harsh weather but there are still days that I drive. If I KNOW that I missed my 3,000 steps walking her to school, and I also know that my favorite quick workout video just happens to be about 3,000 steps then I know exactly how to replace those steps.

Here is another one. My mother-in-law lives in the country and has a loooooong driveway. At the end of her driveway is her mailbox. If she knows that a roundtrip to the mailbox is about 1200 steps then she can say to herself, “Hey I am about 1,000 steps short today, maybe I'll take a quick walk to the mailbox!”

Last example. I work a desk job and there are days when I sit for a good portion of my waking hours. If I have a handy list of step counts, I can schedule work breaks with a step goal in mind. Add those intentional breaks together at the end of the day and BOOM- I've got a gold star day!

Okay it's your turn now!

Ready get your Free Printable 30 Day Step Challenge? You can even pick the color! Sign up for my Fitness Tracker Newsletter and it's all yours!

I'd love to hear how this Step Challenge works for you!

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