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Reach 10000 Steps – Free Fitbit Step Bump Printable

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Today I've got a super simple printable for you that you can use to help reach your Fitbit Goal of 10000 steps! It's totally being added to my List of Fitbit Hacks!

Reach your 10000 Steps Goal with Step Bumps - Free Printable to help reach your step goal using a Fitbit, Jawbone or other fitness tracker!


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I was walking home from the grocery store today wondering where I was on my step goal so far. Then I thought to myself it sure would be handy to know how many steps it is to the grocery store and all the other places I can walk to…just so when I need a bump I can take a walk and know just where to go.

And so Step Bumps started to brew in my head. The way you use this printable is totally easy. Print it out and keep it handy. Any time you take a walk over the next couple weeks, look at your step count before you start and look again when you are done. Record the walk you took and how many steps it was. Now you know!!

Record any walks, or for suggestions try this Free 30 Day Step Count Challenge. Over time when you check in throughout the day you will know if you need to park at the farthest spot in the grocery store parking lot or leave the car at home all together!

In my picture up there you might notice a funny little theme for the locations I listed but really I'd say to record everything from a lap around your living room, to 10 laps at the track! Whatever you encounter through out your day.

Step Bumps: Ideas to Reach 10000 Steps Each Day

Free printable to help your reach your step goal with your Fitbit, Jawbone or other fitness tracker. Awesome Fitbit Hack!

To get your free printable click HERE. When you're done printing, check out these ideas to get you started: 

If you are a stay at home parent like I am, maybe record how many steps you can take around the park or back yard while your child swings on a swing. Maybe it's how many steps to walk to school versus drive and park at a far parking spot.

If you work outside the home, maybe write down how many steps to your boss's desk, your work friends' desks, the farthest bathroom, your favorite lunch spot, etc. What if you got off the bus or train one stop early? Obviously that doesn't work for everyone but you get the idea!

Even gym lovers can record how many steps your favorite workouts will earn you!

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Where ever you live, think of the top 5 places you COULD walk to. Maybe you don't normally but try it once and see how many steps it is, and how you feel afterwards. That could be a lap around your hour or back yard, to around the block one time, to your friend on the next block or the bus stop, etc.

Once you record a decent amount of Step Bumps, bench mark your day. By lunch if you haven't met a certain percentage of your step goal, add a step bump during lunch. If you get home at night and you're still shy, look at your list and see where you can find those steps.

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What is your top tip to reach 10000 steps?! I want to hear it in the comments!





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